Set Review: Brewer’s Guide to the Forgotten Realms, Part 2

instrument of the bards mtg art

Modern Horizons 2 / Forgotten Realms, Episode 14: #MTGAFR Dungeons and Dragons Set Review

Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is a triumph of flavor and a much needed step back on the power scale, at least where Standard is concerned. But what about the non-rotating formats? If we want playable cards with brewing potential, the list is small but distinguished. Today we complete our adventure through preview week, with a look at the most promising cards for Modern and Pioneer.

We also check in briefly on Modern’s health four weeks into Modern Horizons 2 season. Izzet Murktide was the breakout deck of the weekend, but where does the format go from here? With Mishra’s Bauble, Urza’s Saga, and Cascade cementing themselves as the pillars of the meta, it’s looking harder than ever for a lower-tier deck to keep pace.

MH2/AFR #14 At a Glance

[5:06] Modern Metagame Check-In
[5:45] The rise of Izzet Murktide
[9:39] The new pillars of Modern
[12:23] Has Modern rotated again?
[15:43] Forgotten Realms Set Review
[16:20] Treasure Vault
[18:08] Nest of the Hydra
[20:03] Demilich
[24:00] Instrument of the Bards
[26:29] Monk of the Open Fist / Grand Master of Flowers
[29:51] Ingenious Smith
[32:26] Oswald Fiddlebender
[35:28] Monk Class
[38:42] Sorcerer Class
[41:03] Ranger Class
[42:41] Bard Class
[46:10] Cleric Class
[49:03] Triumphant Adventurer
[51:32] Acererak
[54:15] The Book of Exalted Deeds
[57:54] Imyrith, Desert Doom
[1:01:53] Inferno of the Star Mounts
[1:03:57] Asmodeus
[1:05:39] Wizards’s Spellbook

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