Set Review: Brewer’s Guide to Middle-Earth, Part 2

Doors of Durin MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 18: Set Review (Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth)

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With the full set of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth revealed and ready for action, Cavedan and Manacymbal join forces to rank the best new cards for Modern.

The set continues to deliver small role players and long shot build arounds, but few blue chip staples.

Stern Lesson is the cheapest version of Remove Soul, but that family of countermagic has no proven track record in constructed. Similarly, Flowering of the White Tree is the most powerful Anthem ever printed, but are Anthems viable in 2023 Modern? Goblins get a new toy in Moria Marauder, and Food strategies will be happy for the combo and value options that Samwise Gamgee provides.

Beyond those, we must look to the far green country for long shot brewing targets. Doors of Durin is both explosive and grindy, Lotho, Corrupt Shirriff has echoes of Ledger Shredder, and Phial of Galadriel offers intriguing card draw possibilities. One does not simply register a brew in Modern, but with good fellowship and true companions our quest for a new deck may yet succeed. Happy brewing!


[3:53] Housekeeping

[5:55] The One Ring bounty

[13:13] Great Hall of the Citadel

[14:53] Stern Scolding

[18:04] Troll of Khazad-dum

[20:21] Lorien Revealed

[21:10] Birthday Escape

[24:08] Stone of Erech

[26:59] Samwise Gamgee

[30:54] Moria Marauder

[33:36] Lotho, Corrupt Shirriff

[36:13] Flowering of the White Tree

[38:43] Spiteful Banditry

[41:06] Shadow Summoning

[44:12] Theoden, King of Rohan

[45:52] Flame of Anur

[49:08] Phial of Galadriel

[53:24] Galadriel, the Lady of Lorien

[59:18] Sauron’s Ransom

[1:02:06] Radagast the Brown

[1:04:20] King of the Oathbreakers

[1:06:17] Doors of Durin

[1:10:20] There and Back Again

[1:13:38] The Balrogs

[1:16:17] Final thoughts

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