Rogue Tribal for the Spike Rogue

Rogue Tribal for the Spike Rogue

Thieves’ Guild Enforcer doesn’t look like much, but the sneaky 1-drop has begun to prove its chops across Magic’s formats. What began as a mini renaissance for delver strategies has blossomed into full-on Rogues tribal with the advent of Zendikar Rising. So what exactly is a Rogues deck, and which Rogues are strong enough to make the cut? We’ve got a few different builds for Modern and Pioneer, so let’s find out in the queues!

Decklists for Episode 77

Roundup: Titan’s Nest and the Plight of Midrange

Sultai Titan’s Nest (David): 3-2 league, 3-2 league

Article: “From the Ashes: Magmatic Channeler and the Return of Izzet Phoenix”

Flashback: Luminarch Aspirant

Luminarch Zoo (Damon): 1-4 league

Aspirant Ballista Combo (Dan): 2-3 league

Abzan Counters (Damon): 3-2 league

Humans Party (Dan): 4-1 league

Brew Session: Rogues Week

Sketch 1: Dimir Rogue Ninja Fae (Modern)

Sketch 2: Dimir Rogue Siphoner (Pioneer)

Sketch 3: Dimir Flash Rogue (Pioneer)

Article: “Modern on a Budget: Dimir Rogues” by Emma Partlow

Article: “Good Fortune: Thieves’ Guild Enforcer Rogues” by Jordan Boisvert

Published results in Modern so far

Published results in Pioneer so far

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