RECAP: The Pros Tried to Break Pioneer. Here’s What Happened.

Mutavault MTG Art

Season 17, Episode 8: Weekly Roundup (Pro Tour Phyrexia) + Monthly Project Nominees

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At long last, the paper Pro Tour has returned! Pioneer was the format of choice as 200+ pros did battle in Philadelphia. But what did they discover as they each attempted to break the format? Cavedan and David break down the latest decks and technologies from PIoneer, from small innovations in stock lists to speculative brews invented whole cloth.

After that, it’s time for you the listeners to pick our next monthly project! Twelve cards have been nominated by our patreon community and there is no shortage of spice. Which card will we brew next? That’s up to you.


[5:39] Housekeeping

[8:15] Pro Tour Phyrexia Recap

[10:47] Radkos Midrange by Shota Yasooka

[18:22] Selesnya Auras by Benton Madsen

[23:56] 5c Omnath to Light by Nick Schirillo

[28:05] Azorius Powerstones by Jeff LIn

[35:24] Monthly Project Nominees

[36:16] Ratadrabik of Urborg

[39:11] All Will Be One

[42:17] Malcator, Purity Overseer

[46:34] Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor

[48:18] Devastating Summons

[50:20] Teething Wurmlet

[52:57] Voidwing Hybrid

[54:41] Michiko’s Reign of Truth

[57:08] Riveteers Ascendancy

[1:01:27] Urza, Lord Protector

[1:02:53] Aetherworks Marvel

[1:06:31] Flux Channeler

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