Putting the ”Flash” Back in Flashback

Putting the ”Flash” Back in Flashback

Season 14, Episode 10: Brew Session Cunning Nightbonder + “Flash Week”

For the past few weeks the Faithless Gang has been putting their efforts into brewing around the winner of the monthly project “Invoke Calamity”. However, during the voting, there were a few cards that captivated our audience and were extremely close to taking it home: Among these 2 runner ups was (somehow) fan favorite “Cunning Nightbonder”.

Per Morde’s suggestion, each of the runner-ups in the voting will get a one-off segment. One week only. Our Faithless Brewers will each play 1 list and report on it. They will also highlight other ideas for Cunning Nightbonder / flash decks.

Finally, it has come to our attention that today was our 3rd year anniversary and we can do nothing but thank everyone that has supported us over these years, be it our listeners, patrons, guests or supporting friends. Thanks so much for being here and trust us, this is only the beginning.

This episode might not be the celebration you might have expected, but we promise that is coming when the original crew gets back together next week.

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