Pro Tour Bound! Cavedan Wins at SCGCON with Crackling Drake

crackling drake mtg art

Season 11, Episode 18: Weekly Roundup

Faithless Brewing is going to the Innistrad Championships! Cavedan will be joining MordeToLight thanks to a win in Pioneer at SCGCon. Is Crackling Drake the solution to an Izzet Phoenix metagame? For this weekend it was. But now the real challenge begins: can we crack Standard and Historic in time for next month’s PT?

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Manacymbal notched a top 8 of his own with Indomitable Creativity at the Face 2 Face Open, while MordeToLight lit up the Modern queues with a spicy Song of Creation build. Plus testing with Carth the Lion, Esper Rite of Oblivion, and more.


Dan’s Izzet Drakes (PTQ Winner)
Zach’s Indomitable Creativity (Face to Face Open, Top 8)
Emi’s Omnath Song of Creation (9-1 leagues, Sunday Challenge Top 32)
Rainbow Carth Superfriends with Light Up the Night
Esper Yorion Rite of Oblivion

Zach’s tournament report

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