Preordain: Scrying the Future of Modern and the Cutting Edge of Pioneer

Preordain MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 27: Weekly Roundup + Brew Session

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Cavedan and David look three year’s into Magic future, and unpack the shocking return of Preordain in Modern. Did Wizards get it right in their “only-once -each-year-really-trust-us-we-promise” B&R update? What impact will blue’s newest toy have on the known and unknown decks of the meta?

They also discuss David’s latest experiments at the cutting edge of Pioneer, where he has been hunting trophies with Stern Lesson, Galazeth Prismari, BTL Valki, and Dread Presence Scapeshift. Is Reckoner Bankbuster the savior we need?


Dimir Bankbuster by laa11

Read more at “What If Brews” by laa11!

David’s Dimir Kefnet Control
David’s Izzet Powerstone Goggles

David’s Dread Presence Scapeshift

David’s 5c Rakdos Galazeth BTL

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