Paragons of Innovation: Week 1 Winners & Losers

Paragons of Innovation: Week 1 Winners & Losers

Season 15, Episode 7: Weekly Roundup

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David and Morde review the top innovations from Week 1 of #MTGDMU, starring Serra Paragon, Yotia Declares War, Meria, Scholar of Antiquity, and more.


[1:51] Housekeeping

[5:03] Leyline Binding

[18:41] Liliana of the Veil

[28:18] Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

[34:11] Yotia Declares War

[42:12] Serra Paragon

[52:37] Evolved Sleeper

[55:25] Rundvelt Hordemaster

[58:02] Leaf-Crowned Visionary

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