Our Decks for the Innistrad Championship

Innistrad Championship Graphic

Season 12, Episode 8: Weekly Roundup

S12E08 Timestamps

[4:08] Picking a Modern Deck for Your Store Championship
[20:44] Innistrad Championships Preview: The 7 Best Decks in Historic
[22:31] Selesnya Humans
[23:59] Heliod Company
[28:00] Golgari Food
[30:22] Jeskai Control
[32:18] Izzet Phoenix
[34:49] Azorius Auras
[35:38] Selensya Enchantress
[41:05] Picking the Best Deck in Standard
Picks of the Week
[49:42] David’s Pick: Esper Midrange by Ghost11157
[59:23] Cavedan’s Pick: Golgari Deathless Regisaur by praisesiegrhino
[1:03:26] Damon’s Pick: Izzet Hullbreaker Turns by sneakymisato

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