One Ring to Rule Them All: Day 1 Modern Brews

One Ring to Rule Them All: Day 1 Modern Brews

Season 18, Episode 20: Brew Session (Lord of the Rings Day 1)

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Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth hit the digital streets this week and already the Modern format is awash in brews. Morde and Manacymbal are on the case, sorting the wheat from the chaff and also firing off a half dozen decklists of their own.

The early winner is The One Ring, a card that looks so intensely powerful that the sky is the limit. Any deck capable of generating sufficient mana to cast The One Ring and deploy the endless cards it draws should slip on Bilbo’s ring. After all, why not? Why shouldn’t we brew it?

Beyond the raw power of the Ring, specific combos are the next big winner. Samwise Gamgee supports a new Cauldron Familiar loop, while Forge Anew gives more options to Hammer (and is especially tricksy with Kaldra Compleat). Orcish Bowmasters has massive hype (largely from EDH) but struggles to find a decent home outside of Morde’s crazy Esper Flash.


Mono Black Coffers

Unholy Tron Mashup

Green Tron (Sourced from AspiringSpike)

Freakunasty Samwise 1

Freakunasty Samwise 2

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