One Punch Frog? Yargle, Windbrisk Heights, and More Bad Ideas (ft. Lawson Zandi)

Yargle and Multani MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 7: Brew Session (Yargle and Multani)

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What if they printed a creature with LITERAL DEATHTOUCH FOR PLAYERS? No, I’m not talking about that pesky Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. Not talking about Phage, the Untouchable either. No, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Frog Spirit. Yargle and Multani is a foolish card. An insipid card. A team-up no one asked for that earned, at best, a mirthless chuckle during previews.

And yet… it has 18 power.

Is 18 power the same as literal deathtouch for players? Not quite, but it’s tantalizingly close.

Cavedan has Frog Stew on the brain, and the craving won’t go away until he does his darnedest to convert Yargle’s 18 power into damage applied directly to the face. He’s been rummaging around in the bulk bins pulling out every copy of Cragganwick Cremator, Morgue Burst, Voldaren Thrillseeker, and Manifold Key he can find, with a little help from Goryo’s Vengeance and Shadowspear. For a card with no text, Yargle and Multani allows a surprising number of Modern brews.

Meanwhile, Lawson Zandi has been on an insane quest of his own. Lawson is a full hundred matches deep with Windbrisk Heights brews in Modern, and while he has yet to post any 5-0s, he’s been winning at a steady 67% clip. Can he crack the code on Hideaway and finally snag that trophy? More importantly, can he save Cavedan from himself before all his tickets are incinerated on terrible Frog brews?


[3:05] Brewing with Windbrisk Heights

[21:06] Bad Ideas: Yargle and Multani Combos

[27:34] Rakdos Cragganwick Kitchen

[32:56] Gruul Yargle’s Kitchen

[37:50] Gruul Cragganwick Evolution

[44:57] Final thoughts

[47:27] Postscript: In the Heights

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