Eight New Capenna Staples for Modern and Pioneer (Week 1 Roundup)

vivien on the hunt mtg art

Season 14, Episode 8: Weekly Roundup

The first week of New Capenna is in the books, and the new technology is taking to the streets. In this episode of Faithless Brewing we take a look at the breakout cards from week 1 of the latest release.

In Modern, Shadow of Mortality helped Calibrated Blast decks put up their best results ever, with multiple top finishes in Challenges, while Vivien on the Hunt exceeded expectations with multiple successful combo shells. Tainted Indulgence put up solid results in both Reanimator and Control strategies, while Ob Nixilis, the Adversary popped up in any decklist that could afford it.

For Pioneer, the talk of the town is Ledger Shredder, which has put up results as far back as Legacy and Vintage. The bird has the right stats to make an impact, but it remains to be seen how it stacks up to other threats that xerox-style blue decks might play. Giada, Font of Hope and Topiary Stomper pushed their respective strategies up a notch, while Ob Nixilis, Tainted Indulgence, and the new Triomes showed promise.

This is sure to be an exciting season of brewing. Who knows what the next week will bring?


[2:27] Housekeeping

[7:55] New staples in Modern

[8:04] Calibrated Blast Ft. Shadow of Mortality

[11:44] Rakdos Sacrifice Ft. Ob Nixilis, The Adversary

[20:27] Affinity Ft. Ob Nixilis

[24:20] Esper Reanimator Ft. Tainted Indulgence

[28:56] Rakdos Pod Ft. Vivien on the hunt

[34:28] 4c Yorion Ft. Vivien on the Hunt

[35:43] Belcher Ft. An Offer you can’t refuse

[37:11] New staples in Pioneer

[37:20] Izzet Phoenix Ft. Ledger Shredder

[41:41] Izzet Control Ft. Ledger Shredder

[41:51] Esper Greasefang Ft. Ledger Shredder and Tainted Indulgence

[49:43] Selesnya Angel Company Ft. Giada, Font of Hope

[54:10] Mono G Devotion Ft. Topiary stomper

[47:50] Grixis Lutri Ft. Xander’s Lounge

[59:45] Rakdos Midrange Ft. Ob Nixilis, the Adversary and Tenacious Underdog

[01:03:27] Closing thoughts

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