New Capenna Top 10 in Modern and Pioneer

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Season 14, Episode 4: New Capenna Top 10

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On tonight’s episode, David and Morde discuss their top 10 picks from New Capenna.

As David makes a deep analysis of how it might affect Pioneer, Morde focuses on the more Modern side of things. Some new brew ideas start to emerge as they analyze the impact their favorite (or at least most interesting) cards will have in their format of choice. Meanwhile in modern the most important cards are without a shadow of doubt the Triomes, the same might not be quite as true in pioneer, where the sheer need for efficiency in the format drives tapped lands away from most decks.

On the other hand, “Ob Nixilis, the Adversary” managed to land in both lists, appearing either as 1st or 2nd choice for both our beloved brewers. There are murmuring whsipers of a new Thief of Crowns on the horizon. Trembling fears of Rakdos having an awakening as the Simic of 2022. Only time will tell how far will Ob Nixilis take his beloved colours, and we can only hope the damage is not too severe to any format.

Can they agree on any cards? Will the ripples caused by New Capenna be completely different in Modern and Pioneer? Will Morde ever stop loving ETB effects and putting them on every list he makes? Can David stop claiming that a 2/1 that loots is one of the best cards in each set? Tune in to find out and we hope you enjoy this iteration of Faithless Brewing,

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[1:50] Housekeeping

[5:58] Weekly roundup

[13:04] Pioneer top 10

[13:16] Actual Factual great cards for Pioneer

[21:03] Interesting cards for Pioneer

[44:17] Closing thoughts regarding Pioneer

[46:54] Modern top 10

[47:07] Great cards for Modern

[56:58] Interesting cards for Modern

[1:03:49] Closing thoughts

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