Murktide Musings: Jeskai Phoenix, Willow’s Nest, and #GazeGang 5-0s

murktide regent mtg art

Season 11, Episode 12: Weekly Roundup + Flashback (Otherworldy Gaze, Suspicious Stowaway)

Cavedan has been tuning up Murktide Phoenix, while David tests Suspicious Stowaway and a spicy Willow Geist Titan’s Nest brew. Also, more 5-0 decks with Otherworldly Gaze.

S11E12 Timestamps

[7:12] New World Champion
[11:06] Dan’s lecture at Duke University
[23:37] Jeskai Murtide Phoenix (updated)
[34:45] Sultai’s Titan’s Nest (updated)
[45:36] Deathless Peace of Mind (updated)
[49:56] Storm Herald Combo by Zach Allen
[55:03] Soulflayer Combo by gurig
[58:30] Temur Suspicious Werewolves
[1:05:17] Simic Werewolf Flash (updated)

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