Mr. Steal Your Crown: Six New Brews with Oko

Faithless Brewing, Episode 23: Oko, Thief of Crowns


Oko, Thief of Crowns, is a mischievous trickster. He’s so devious that he tricked Wizards into printing him with three powerful abilities and a giant pile of loyalty, all for the low, low price of three mana. Already poised to dominate Standard, the crew thinks Oko will be flaunting his skills in Modern in the very near future, and Dave has six new decklists to prove it.


Also, Dan has a new article up on a comprehensive Brewer’s Guide to Throne of Eldraine! Expanding on our discussions in the podcast and analyzing 65 cards across four different Top 10 lists (math checks out, right?) this article has everything you need to start brewing with one of the most exciting new releases that Modern has ever seen. You won’t want to miss it!


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Dan’s Article: A Brewer’s Guide to Throne of Eldraine


Damon’s Tournament Results


Rainbow Niv-Mizzet (Damon): 6-2 Modern challenge, 5-0 league

Brazen Cutthroat Kiki (Damon, based on kahluah777’s 5-0 list): 5-0 league


Roundup: Throne of Eldraine Week 1


Paradoxical Emry (Kevslinger): 7-1 Modern Challenge

Emry Ascendancy (Rav104): 5-0 League

Wishclaw EmrySword (haubidtran): 5-0 league

Grixis Into the Story (aspiringspike): 5-0 league

Charming Emeria (Fincown): 5-0 league


Dubious Prince (k_f_chicken): 5-0 league


Gilded Skies (internetsurfer09): 5-0 league

Questing Stompy (fluffywolf2): 5-0 league

Once Upon a Bogle (__matsugan): 5-0 league

Glitterbrute Affinity (sandahl123): 5-0 league

SnowKo Niv-Mizzet (rodebo): 5-0 league, 4-1 league


Brew Session: Oko, Thief of Crowns


Sketch #1: Sultai Faeries

Sketch #2: Oko Shape Anew

Sketch #3: 4c Saheeli

Sketch #4: Bant OkoBlade

Sketch #5: Arcades Herder

Sketch #6: Faeburrow Niv-Mizzet (update: Damon notched a 5-0 with this updated list!)


Reference lists:


Bant OkoBlade (UBERMIKEYB): 3rd place, Modern Challenge

4c SnowKo Saheeli (Gab Nassif): 6-2, Modern Challenge



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