Modern Innovations: 7 Decks That Are Reshaping the Format

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Modern Horizons 2 + Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Episode 18: Roundup

After a month of wild experimentation, the Modern metagame with Modern Horizons 2 seems to have stabilized into a relatively settled tier list. At the top sits an unexpected contender, wielding an enormous Hammer and backed by the awesome power of Urza’s Saga. But Dragon’s Rage Channeler, Ragavan, Shardless Agent, and The Underworld Cookbook are not far behind, each powering up major axes of Modern’s top tier.

This is not to say that the meta is stagnant. Quite the opposite: brilliant innovations continue apace, as brewers discover new ways to attack this brave new Modern world. For some, the answer is main deck Rest in Peace in an Expressive Iteration control deck that plays only a single Counterspell main deck. For others, an 0/3 Crab that brings a Clue is the key to unlocking Indomitable Creativity while stabilizing against Monkeys. And the tech just gets wilder from there, including a new take on Enchantress and a rarely seen Knight of the Reliquary lands strategy.

Today is all about the innovations that are reshaping Modern week by week. We also touch a bit on the Splinter Twin issue (spoiler: it’s never coming back), and ponder some #DamonFinance with the price of Ragavan spiraling out of control online.

MH2/AFR #18 At a Glance

[4:03] B&R Speculation
[6:12] Will Splinter Twin ever be unbanned?
[10:06] Roundup: Modern Innovations
[10:35] Velomachus Crabs by RGNKPhoenix20
[18:37] Indomitable Emrakul by Zan Syed
[26:06] MH2 finance: the future of Ragavan
[30:38] BR Ragavan’s Kitchen by SpiderSpace
[35:07] Is Hammertime Tier 0?
[36:50] Awful Jeskai by Gab Nassif
[42:00] Kruphix Enchantress by Kelvin Chew
[45:42] Imperial Glimpse of Tomorrow by Walaoumpa
[52:50] Naya Titania by Kev_1414

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