MINDSPLICE APPARATUS: How to Break Wilderness Rec 2.0

MINDSPLICE APPARATUS: How to Break Wilderness Rec 2.0

Season 17, Episode 9: Brew Session (Mindsplice Apparatus) + Flashback (Atraxa, Grand Unifier)

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David and Dan brew decks with Mindsplice Apparatus, the biggest cost reducer we have ever seen. Is this the second coming of Wilderness Reclamation? We also track the rise of Atraxa, Grand Unifier, which has skyrocketed in price as the trophies stack up in multiple formats. Dan tests two new Pioneer builds to experience the full angelic glory of Phyrexia.


[2:05] Housekeeping

[3:21] Brew Session: Mindsplice Apparatus

[4:50] Key Questions

[7:33] Card draw payoffs

[14:41] Big spell payoffs

[16:38] Synergistic pieces

[19:37] Deck 1: Temur Growth Spiral

[24:00] Deck 2: UW Approach of the Second Sun

[30:40] Deck 3: Izzet Galvanic Turns

[32:57] Izzet Mindsplice by Chris Botehlo

[36:14] Magma Opus + Gearhulk

[40:09] Flashback: Atraxa, Grand Unifier

[42:35] Atraxa Goryo’s Reanimator by FunkiMunki

[45:33] 5c Elesh-mentals by Batuhtunha

[46:04] Tyvar Devoted Druid Combo by galatriste

[48:49] Dan’s Sultai Neoform Atraxa

[59:43] Dan’s 5c Atraxa to Light

[1:06:29] Obosh Creativity Atraxa by MrRaeb

[1:06:40] Keruga Transmogri-Fires Atraxa by bcs8995

[1:07:06] Vat of Rebirth Reanimator by NJAMTG

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