Midnight Hunt Set Review, Part 2 + Introducing This Week in Modern

hostile hostel mtg art

Season 11, Episode 2: Brewer’s Guide to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Volume 2 (ft. Manacymbal)

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt previews continue with another huge chunk of exciting cards. The return of Flashback means many new toys for brewers in Modern and Pioneer, but the action doesn’t stop there. Is Faithful Mending the best card in the set? How powerful is the cycle of mythic Adversaries? Will Siphon Insight become a control staple? Midnight Hunt is shaping up to be gangbusters, and we’ve got all the details on the most exciting new cards.

Before diving into previews, we kick things off with an interview with Zach Ryl to celebrate the launch of his brand new YouTube series, This Week in Modern. T.W.I.M. brings the finest traditions of sports journalism and edutainment to coverage of the Modern Prelims, Challenges, and spicy 5-0 League decks. Zach also tracks the Trophy Tussel, as streamers like Aspiringspike, yPrincipe, and TheTunnelingKat jockey for the top spots on the trophy leaderboard. The show is a wonderful addition to the Modern community, so be sure to check it out and let Manacymbal know what you think. (For those who prefer audio only, This Week in Modern is also available in podcast form).

Where to find Manacymbal

YouTube: youtube.com/manacymbal
Twitch: twitch.com/manacymba
Twitter: @manacymbal
Also check out “Randy Rootwalla” and This Week in Modern’s “Mean Mono Green” (@TWIMMTG)


[2:33] Introducing This Week in Modern
[16:11] Where to find Manacymbal
[16:57] Midnight Hunt Set Review, Part 2
[18:10] Hostile Hostel // Creeping Inn
[21:36] Has the flavor of Innistrad run dry?
[25:05] Delver of Secrets
[28:44] Willow Geist
[32:05] Immolation
[36:26] Turn the Earth
[38:38] The Adversary cycle
[41:40] Intrepid Adversary
[45:50] Tainted Adversary
[51:37] Spectral Adversary
[56:12] Bloodthirsty Adversary
[1:00:46] Faithful Mending
[1:07:18] Sunset Revelry
[1:09:40] Ghoulcaller’s Harvest
[1:12:47] Startle
[1:15:22] Sacred Fire
[1:17:51] Siphon Insight
[1:22:12] Reckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged Slasher
[1:25:51] Briarbridge Tracker
[1:27:54] Augur of Autumn
[1:30:51] The Celestus
[1:33:57] Adeline, Splendid Cathar
[1:36:11] Dire-Strain Rampage
[1:41:00] Moonveil Dragon
[1:44:55] Closing thoughts: is Midnight Hunt the new Eldraine?

Looking for Part 1 of our Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set review? You can find it here:

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