Mausoleum Secrets: The Last Demonic Tutor (ft. 1stTurnNegator)

Mausoleum Secrets MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 27: Brew Session (Mausoleum Secrets) ft. Soren Wellman

How far would you go for an instant speed Demonic Tutor? Compare the slowness of Profane Tutor, a two mana instant tutor seems unlikely to see print. But Mausoleum Secrets offers precisely this bargain. It can only fetch black cards, with mana value tied to your graveyard. But the power of Secrets has already yielded some spectacular 5-0s in black-based toolbox strategies.

Today on Faithless Brewing, Soren Wellman aka 1stTurnNegator joins Morde to unlock the secrets of the mausoleum and share his passion for brewing toolbox style control and tempo decks. Soren has a long history of success at the intersection of control decks and combo finishes: from Izzet Through the Breach, to Blue Moon, to Izzet Murktide, Reanimator and more. He also isn’t afraid to go deep into the tank and hone some truly impressive brews. Soren has been eyeing Mauseoleum Secrets for a while now, and is likely foremost expert on the card. What are the constraints of Mauseleum Secrets, and what new strategies can it unlock in Modern? We’re heading deep into the undergrowth today to find out.

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S14E27 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:20] Q&A with Soren Wellman (1stTurnNegator)

[8:39] Why do you brew?

[14:49] Brewing toolbox strategies

[18:36] When to play a meta deck vs. when to play a brew

[21:55] Housekeeping

Brew Session: Mausoleum Secrets

[23:47] Rules notes

[29:03] Why play tutors?

[35:30] Toolbox decks in the age of Yorion

[40:44] Limiting factors of Mausoleum Secrets

[48:07] The best black cards to tutor for

[58:33] Setting up undergrowth efficiently

[1:04:16] Dimir Shadow

[1:06:35] Grixis Mausoleum Reanimator

[1:09:27] Mardu Reanimator

[1:16:02] Tin Fins Reanimator by WalkedAir

[1:17:30] Grixis Rielle the Everwise

[ 1:18:34] Time Sieve Asmo Food

[1:24:00] RB Mausoleum Midrange

[1:26:21] 5c Death Denied Elementals

[1:30:03] Closing thoughts

Bonus decklists from 1stTurnNegator

Grixis Shredder (Mausoleum Toolbox Sideboard)

GB Hardened Scales

BW Maus Rack

Esper Maus Foretold

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