Make Your Choice! 11 Spicy Cards to Brew in June 2022 (ft. Serum Visions)

collected conjuring mtg art

Season 14, Episode 14: Monthly Project Recap (Invoke Calamity) + Brewers’ Choice Nominees

As our first monthly brewing project draws to a close, we summon Brian Madden and Arun “Jiggywiggy” Singh from the Serum Visions Podcast to discuss our findings with Invoke Calamity. Between Land Destruction, Turbo Fog, Body of Research Fling Combo, and Collected Conjuring with Rhinos, was the crew able to find a promising home for our 1RRRR friend?

After that, it’s time to unveil the ballot for next month’s brewing project. 11 cards have been submitted for consideration by the Faithless Brewing community and they are juicy. From ancient classics like Painter’s Servant and Boomerang, to new legends like Jinnie Fae and Toluz, Clever Conductor, there’s no shortage of spice to choose from. Voting starts this week, so come join our Discord if you’d like to get in on the action!

Decklists and Timestamps

Project Recap (May 2022): Invoke Calamity
[5:34] Brian’s Gruul Land Destruction
[19:07] Temur Turbo Fog by MMP
[28:45] Dan’s Body of Research Fling Combo
[33:11] Emi’s Temur Collected Conjuring
[40:33] Finale of Promise vs. Electrodominance vs. As Foretold
[46:12] Closing Thoughts on Invoke Calamity
Make Your Choice: 11 New Cards to Brew
[52:14] Efreet Flamepainter
[55:53] Jinnie Fae, Jetmir’s Second
[59:40] Moderation
[1:05:34] Getaway Car
[1:09:00] Ashaya, Soul of the Wild
[1:12:53] Mausoleum Secrets
[1:17:51] Painter’s Servant
[1:21:04] Skybind
[1:24:05] Boomerang
[1:26:47] The Reality Chip
[1:30:34] Toluz, Clever Conductor

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