Little Dollhouse of Horrors

mtg dollhouse of horrors art

Season 12, Episode 5: Brew Session (Dollhouse of Horrors) + Flashback (Wandering Mind)

Cavedan, David, and Damon take a peek inside the Dollhouse of Horrors, and review their testing results with Wandering Mind decks in Modern and Pioneer.

S12E05 Timestamps

Brew Session: Dollhouse of Horrors
[4:14] Theorycrafting
[13:09] Zach’s Oswald Dollhouse
[14:48] Zach’s Esper Urza Dollhouse
[19:58] David’s Grixis Trashy Dollhouse
[24:42] Zach’s Esper Blood Fountain Whirza
[29:01] David’s BW Marionette Master
[33:14] David’s Jeskai Treehouse of Horrors
Flashback: Wandering Mind
[38:24] MrRaeb’s Fires Turns
[41:12] Emi’s 4c Omnath Blink
[46:58] Emi’s 4c Eladamri’s Brought Back
[48:53] Dan’s Showdown of the Minds 1.0
[54:36] Dan’s Showdown of the Minds 1.1
[1:00:46] David’s Jeskai Wandering Sun
[1:05:53] David’s Grixis Notion Thief
[1:10:18] Damon’s Treehouse of Wandering Horrors

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