Leveling Up in Modern with Cameron Lantz, SCG Baltimore Champion

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Season 15, Episode 4: Q&A with Cameron Lantz

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Fresh off her victory at the SCG Baltimore Team Trios $25K, Cameron Lantz joins Morde to share her insights on the current state of Modern and Pioneer and her preferred approach to deck selection for team events.

She also weighs in on the last batch of Dominaria United spoilers, including some final-day surprises like Shadow Prophecy, Flowstone Infusion, and The Cruelty of Gix.

Where to find Cameron:

Twitter: @sometimesIscry

Articles: Owl Central Games

Read Cam’s SCG Baltimore Winner’s Report for more insight on her preparation and deck selection process, and her team’s winning decklists in Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy.

Cameron also offers one on one coaching for eternal formats. Contact her on Twitter for more details!

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