King Kirin: 5-0 with Hinata, Dawn-Crowned

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned MTG Art

Season 13, Episode 11: Brew Session (Hinata, Dawn-Crowned) + Flashback (Tameshi, Reality Architect)

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned has already notched us one 5-0 trophy already, and we are hungry for more. The King Kirin allows for some truly explosive plays thanks to massive cost reduction on multi-target spells like Magma Opus, Sublime Epiphany, Dance of the Manse, and Paradoxical Outcome. It also provides an interesting taxing effect on the opponent, and is no slouch in combat either at 4/4 flample. Can we find another successful build of Hinata in Modern and Pioneer?

Meanwhile on the Flashback, cavedan spent a wild week following the development of Tameshi combo decks in Modern. While the Wargate Cultivator Colossus build championed by daviusminimus has continued to put up solid results, cavedan found the most success with a more fair approach using Tameshi to re-buy Urza’s Saga and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove. The power is certainly there, but the deckbuilding is challenging and is torn between fair plans and all-in combos. What does the future hold for Tameshi in Modern?

Brew Session: Hinata, Dawn-Crowned
[4:26] Rules notes
[7:48] Key synergies
[25:16] Deckbuilding questions
[27:00] Emi’s Hinata Dance of the Manse
[32:58] Sidebar: Hidetsugu Consumes All
[41:03] David’s 4c Hinata Opus
[46:57] David’s Jeskai Mindlink Hinata
[50:52] David’s Jeskai Paradoxical Outcome
Flashback: Tameshi, Reality Architect
[58:13] Wargate Tameshi Bloom by daviusminimus
[1:08:45] The midrange soup problem
[1:16:15] Cavedan’s 4c Tameshi Dryad
[1:25:14] The future of Tameshi: fair decks or combo?

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