Keeping the Blade: Brewing in the Age of Legends


Kaldheim Season, Episode 21: Hero’s Blade, Vorinclex, Dream Devourer, Egon, God of Death

While Strixhaven previews are roaring, we’re still a few weeks away from actually getting to play with these cards. But that’s fine because we still have plenty of unfinished business with Kaldheim. In this “last call” episode, we tackle a potpourri of interesting cards that didn’t manage to land starring roles in their own dedicated weeks.

Hero’s Blade has quietly become a card to watch as we enter the Age of Commander, where each set has 20+ new legendary creatures (Kaldheim had a whopping 33!) at all spots on the mana curve. Vorinclex has proven itself in Green devotion but might also function in a nontraditional ramp shell. Egon and Dream Devourer haven’t made a big splash yet, but each bring unique skill sets to the table. Which of them can give Kaldheim a proper send-off with one last 5-0?


Sketch 1: Jeskai Hero’s Blade
Sketch 2: Temur Vorinclex
Sketch 3: Sultai Dream Devourer
Sketch 4: Sultai Egon Cat
Sketch 5: Abzan Peace of Mind

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