Isochron Scepter in Modern: Cast, Copy, Repeat

isochron scepter mtg art

Season 12, Episode 24: Brew Session (Isochron Scepter) + Flashback (Mirrodin Besieged; Thrasta, Tempest’s Roar)

Many decades ago, when we were but fledgling mages only dimly aware of competitive Magic, there were few cards more awe-inspiring than Isochron Scepter. Who can forget the sheer terror of Isochron Scepter + Counterspell, or the endless value of Isochron + Fire/Ice, or the ironclad prison of Isochron + Abeyance? Yes, we were young in those days, but the awesome power of Isochron still holds strong in our collective imagination. Has this powerful but elusive artifact really been legal in Modern for all these years? Has the scourge of the kitchen table been hiding in plain sight, untouched in the Modern card pool, just waiting for someone to break it?

This week, by popular demand (thanks to Isochron’s narrow victory in our last Brewers’ Choice Poll), we are taking our shot at one of the game’s most iconic artifacts. Isochron Scepter has limitless potential, and can be built is as many different ways as there are cards to imprint on it. It’s going to be a tough road, but we know exactly what we have to do to unlock the Scepter’s power: active, copy, cast, repeat!


[2:33] Housekeeping
Brew Session: Isochron Scepter
[5:54] Rules notes
[7:33] The best cards to imprint
[12:30] Combos with Isochron Scepter
[16:51] Sketch 1: Teferi Scepter Lock
[21:22] Sketch 2: Dimir Scepter Control
[24:29] Sketch 3: Rakdos Waste Not
[28:07] Sketch 4: Sultai Assassin’s Trophy (old list)
Flashback: Mirrodin Besieged + Thrasta, Tempest’s Roar
[38:31] Zach’s SilverGaak 2022
[45:26] Zach’s Mirrodin Besieged 2.0
[48:26] Dan’s Gruul Moonveil Thrasta

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