Urza’s Saga: Is There a Problem Here? (ft. Urchin Colley)


Modern Horizons 2, Episode 6: Week 1 Roundup

There were two big storylines from the first weekend of MH2 events. First, there are SO MANY COOL DECKS, and they look awesome. Modern is great right now. Second, there are SO MANY URZA’S SAGA DECKS, and they look terrifying. Modern may be in trouble if Saga is as broken as it seems.

Special guest Urchin Colley returns this week to help us sort through the coolest innovations with Modern Horizons standouts. We also peer deep into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for Urza’s fourth-favorite land. Appearing in decks as wide-ranging as Amulet, Affinity, Foodgaak, Hardened Scales, HammerTime, Lantern, Dice Factory, UW Control, and even Tron, it’s hard to escape the feeling that there might be a another chapter on the horizon. I: Add mana. II: Make token. III: Find artifact. IV: Get banned?

Where to find Urchin: @hahyeahno on Twitter

MH2 #6 At a Glance

[4:11] Q&A w/ Urchin Colley
[8:04] What Would Make MH2 a Success?
[11:19] Repetitive Gameplay Patterns
[13:53] Praise for Esper Sentinel
[19:38] MH2 Week 1 Roundup
[22:41] Lantern Control
[24:50] Urza’s Saga: What Makes It So Good?
[27:00] Amulet Titan
[27:42] Hardened Scales
[31:26] Affinity
[37:07] HammerTime
[39:06] Asmora FoodGaak / Burger King
[47:00] Can Urza’s Saga be fixed?
[50:42] UW Saga Control
[56:47] Ad Nauseam

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