Is Magmatic Channeler the One We’ve Been Waiting For?

Is Magmatic Channeler the One We’ve Been Waiting For?

Faithless Brewing, Episode 75: Magmatic Channeler

For months we’ve been trying to break the curse of Dreadhorde Arcanist: a red creature that you can add to any deck, no matter how powerful, and immediately go 2-3 in a league. Is Magmatic Channeler the one we’ve been waiting for? David thinks so, but his colleagues will need some convincing. The only way to find out is in the queues!

Decklists from Episode 75

Roundup: The Rise of D&T and Shadow Scourge

SSG Omnath Niv: 5-0 league, 3-2 league

Forsaken Eldrazi Stompy: 4-1 league

Flashback: Cleansing Wildfire

Boom, Bust, Cleanse: 3-2 league

Boros Cleansing Taxes: 3-2 league, 3-2 league

Jeskai Geistblade by Aspiringspike: 4-1 league, 2-3 league

Izzet Karn Eldrazi: 0-5 league, 2-3 league

Brew Session: Magmatic Channeler

Izzet Magmatic Madness (Sketch)

Grixis Magmatic Madness (Sketch)

Mono-Red Channel Phoenix (Sketch)

Izzet See the Truth (Sketch)

Alternative Prowess by MHayashi

Reference lists: Pioneer

Izzet Phoenix by Danker

BR Midrange by Heilagur

Izzet Prowess by ELEYHM

Boros Burn by Cubas

Reference lists: Modern

Grixis Pyromancer by Surpriz3

4c Traverse Shadow by benchsummer

Mardu Pyromancer by GrandpaBiceps

Naya Stoneforge Zoo by fix_hem_all

Rakdos Lurrus Prowess by UrbanPope

Izzet Wizards by TubbyBatman

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