Innistrad First Look + Brewers’ Choice Nominees (ft. Mordeka1ser)

wrenn and seven mtg art

Season 10, Episode 24: Weekly Roundup (ft. Emiliano Sagasti aka Mordeka1ser)

Sspecial guest Emiliano Sagasti aka Mordeka1ser joins the cast to discuss the first batch of previews from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Three cards already look to have the right skills for Modern (Consider, Champion of the Perished, and Wrenn and Seven) so this set is sure to be a banger. We also pick Morde’s brain about his journey as a brewer and competitive player, including his 12-0 run in a 400+ player Modern Challenge with 5c Niv-Mizzet. Digital Magic aspires to be a global game, but the view can look very different from Argentina.

This week also heralds the return of the Brewers’ Choice, where our listeners choose the card that we will feature next. Ten cards are on the ballot this time around, which you can vote on by joining our patron Discord. We talk through the strengths and weaknesses of each card as we see them, but it’s up to the people to decide. What would you choose?

Where to find Emiliano:

Twitter: @mordeka1ser
MTGO: Mordeka1ser

MH2/AFR #24 At a Glance

[1:51] Q&A with Mordeka1ser
[4:29] 5c Niv-Mizzet
[12:03] Tuning toolbox decks
[19:09] The current state of Modern
[23:09] The MTGO economy: the view from Argentina
[29:40] Innistrad: Midnight Hunt First Look
[30:05] Consider
[34:58] Champion of the Perished
[38:46] Play with Fire
[39:45] Infernal Grasp
[41:38] Join the Dance
[42:30] Triskaidekaphile
[44:00] Wrenn and Seven
[51:04] Brewer’s Choice Nominees
[52:17] Oswald Fiddlebender
[56:12] Yarok, the Desecrated
[58:21] Abiding Grace
[1:00:40] Dress Down
[1:07:23] Thrasta, Tempest’s Roar
[1:09:54] Echo of Eons
[1:14:29] Harmonic Prodigy
[1:17:58] Forsworn Paladin
[1:19:41] Marauding Raptor
[1:22:45] Mystic Reflection

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