I Perfected Crabvine and All I Got Was This Lousy Feature Match

I Perfected Crabvine and All I Got Was This Lousy Feature Match

Season 17, Episode 16: Weekly Roundup

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David & Dan look at early previews from Lord of the Rings and March of the Machines, and ponder whether Thalia and The Gitrog Monster has the right stats for Pioneer. Dan shares his results from the Hunter Burton Memorial Open, where he played Crabvine in the Modern 15K & Neoform Atraxa in the Pioneer 5K. They also look at new technology from the event, including updates to Lawson Zandi’s Shining Shoal deck, a new take on Pioneer Dredgeless Dredge, and updates to 5c Humans.

Read Dan’s full tournament report from the HBMO Modern 15K here: https://bit.ly/Crabvine-15K-Report-FaithlessBrewing

This article goes in depth on why Dan chose Crabvine, his updates to the decklist, round by round analysis and sideboarding guide, and a full review of a brutal camera match played at the end of Day 1.


[3:27] Housekeeping

[6:55] Previews: Middle Earth + March of the Machine

[7:35] Reprieve

[12:32] Samwise, the Stouthearted

[18:40] Gollum, Patient Plotter

[22:24] The Shire

[25:44] Tom Bombadil

[30:15] Thalia and The Gitrog Monster

[37:40] Tournament Report: HBMO Modern 15K

[40:23] Dan’s Sultai Crabvine

[46:56] Round 8 feature match: Crabvine vs Murktide

[50:09] Lawson’s Boros Pitch Please

[52:15] Tournament Report: HBMO Pioneer 5K

[52:27] Dan’s Neoform Atraxa

[57:40] Sultai Dredgeless Dredge by James Adams

[1:02:07] 5c Humans by Cy Yarbrough

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