How to Start Brewing in Historic

How to Start Brewing in Historic

Faithless Brewing, Episode 69: Brewer’s Guide to Historic, Part 1

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve felt the buzz. Your Twitter feeds are littered with images of colorful squares of art hovering over an attractive battlefield, with screenshots of Mythic rank achievements. Historic is in the air. It’s the next Mythic Invitational format, it just received yet another influx of cards from Amonkhet (and yet another banning in Field of the Dead), and it seems to loom large in WotC’s plans for the future. Historic. So hot right now. Historic.

We are not a Historic podcast, but then again, there was a time when we were not a Pioneer podcast either. Is change inevitable? Or is the gulf between Arena and the MTGO and paper formats simply too large to bridge? There’s a lot to sort through when parsing out the very basic questions of What is Historic and what does it mean for us? Is the format fun? Is it accessible? What’s the metagame like, and is there room to brew? What is Historic exactly, and what are the key pillars of its tier archetypes and card pool?  And perhaps more to the point — should we play it? We tackle all of that and more this week, with the aid of some great questions from our listeners. Let’s dive in!

Flashback: M21 Potpourri

Jeskai Transmogrify: 2-3 league

Izzet See the Truth: 3-2 league, 2-2 league

Lotus Discontinuity: 2-3 league

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