Hogaak Summer 2023? Top Picks for Modern & Pioneer (ft. Manacymbal)

Hogaak Arisen Necropolis MTG Art

Season 18, Episode 14: Weekly Roundup

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Magic Twitter is a place prone to meltdowns, that’s no surprise. But a meltdown over a Boros Convoke deck using Venerated Loxodon? That’s a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, with the Regional Championships around the corner, a “Hogaak Summer” has been declared by many grinders trying to break through in Pioneer.

Prolific streamer and Faithless Brewer-at-large Zach “Manacymbal” Ryl returns to help us sort through the latest technology in Modern and Pioneer, from new flavors of Izzet Control with Chandra, Hope’s Beacon, to a unique Golgari Elves toolbox, and a surprisingly competitive build of Cragganwick Kitchen featuring Yargle and Multani. We also peer into the future of Standard with a major B&R coming that will set the tone for what 3-year Standard will look like.


[1:34] Catching up with Manacymbal

[5:27] Housekeeping

[8:15] The future of Standard

[18:35] The Aftermath of MOM:Aftermath

[20:20] Boros Hogaak (RW Convoke) by Sodek

[27:56] Cragganwick Kitchen by Alesha_

[36:12] Jund Yargle Traverse by nikkuniku

[38:13] Pia Nalaar Prowess by Dack_Fayden07

[42:15] Izzet Chandra Control by TSPJendrek

[53:25] Golgari Elves Toolbox by rage_hs

[57:21] Gruul Samut Aggro by DookieTrouserMD

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