Hidden Gem? Extraction Specialist Is Seeing Play in Every Format

Extraction Specialist MTG Art

Season 14, Episode 17: Brew Session (Extraction Specialist) + Flashback (Jund Week)

Extraction Specialist looks unassuming, but packs a huge punch. A fully powered Specialist returning a high value 2 drop rivals Collected Company in power but costs 1 less and asks for minimal deckbuilding costs. 3/2 lifelink impacts the battlefield in ways that Renegade Rallier never could, and more importantly, the ETB effect just plain works — no fiddly revolt setups required.

All of this combines to make Extraction Specialist a quiet star from Streets of New Capenna and perhaps the most successful white card from the set. It is already seeing playing in Modern Humans and Legacy Taxes decks. But the card is capable of even more, especially in smaller formats.

Today on Faithless Brewing we tackle the newest addition to white’s 3 drop arsenal. We explore basic Humans tribal, sacrifice synergies with Pyre of Heroes, wombo combos with Archfiend’s Vessel, and even dust off the party mechanic to try to make Coveted Prize happen. What else can Extraction Specialist do? Let’s find out!

In the Flashback segment, we report on our testing results from Riveteers week. We tried builds with Riveteers Ascedancy, Tenacious Underdog, Riveteers Charm, and Ziatora’s Envoy in Modern and Pioneer. Which deck was able to achieve the “Jund 5-0”?

S14E17 Decklists and Timestamps

[2:20] Housekeeping
Brew Session: Extraction Specialist
[4:00] Rules notes
[6:43] Key questions: power level
[10:12] Extraction Specialist vs Renegade Rallier
[13:08] The pacifism clause
[14:12] Setting up the graveyard
[18:54] Best synergies
[21:55] David’s Esper Raffine 2.0
[26:06] Dan’s BW Party w/ Coveted Prize
[34:03] David’s 4c Pyre of Heroes
[38:33] David’s BW Humans Tribal
[41:21] Extraction Specialist in older formats
Flashback: Jund/Riveteers Week
[46:00] Dan’s Riveteers Ascendancy
[54:51] David’s Jund Midrange w/ Riveteers Charm
[1:00:49] Dan’s Jund Delirium w/ Ziatora’ Envoy
[1:07:15] Closing thoughts

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