Heartless Summoning 2: Still Chasing the White Whale


Season 10, Episode 22: Brew Session Heartless Summoning

Heartless Summoning is a card that we’ve been chasing seemingly forever. Many a brewer has squandered many a tix trying to break this enticing black enchantment. Reducing the cost of creatures by 2 is reminiscent of Eye of Ugin, but without that pesky Eldrazi restriction. Even the drawback of shrinking your creatures can be turned to advantage in certain combo setups. Truly the options are limitless with Heartless Summoning. It’s no surprise that we find ourselves drawn to it again and again.

We last featured this card in December of 2020, when it won our Brewer’s Choice patron poll. Perhaps surprisingly, all of our brews at that time put up strong results, with multiple 4-1s and 3-2s. Four new sets have released since then, including the bombshell Modern Horizons 2 with its cycle of evoke Elementals. These seem to have the perfect skills for a Heartless deck. Other tools like Imperial Recruiter also stand to benefit greatly from Heartless Summoning, including unlikely combo pieces like Acererak, the Archlich.

We may be tilting at windmills here, but by golly we are going to keep trying to break this card until it breaks us. Let the games begin!

MH2/AFR #22 At a Glance

[3:41] The Definitive Guide to Velomachus Turns by MrRaeb

[7:32] Brew Session: Heartless Summoning
[16:14] Esper Heartless Acererak (Sketch)
[25:30] Jund Heartless Fury (Sketch)
[30:35] Imperial Felidar Combo
[37:59] Rooftop Storm Combo by Urchin Colley
[47:55] David’s pick: 4c Wish Control by Soondubu
[53:53] Cavedan’s pick: 4c General Ferrous by Aspiringspike

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