Grist for the Mill: More MH2 Previews + Strixhaven Testing Results

Sword of Hearth and Home

Modern Horizons 2, Episode 2: Flashback

We wrap up our exploration of Strixhaven by discussing our results with four different brews from last week: Hollow One Conspiracy, Grixis Prismari Thief, and two flavors of Quandrix Apprentice Scapeshift. These cards all outperformed expectations, and hold a lot of promise for the future.

After that, the march of previews continues with a look at Grist, the Hunger Tide, Dakkon, Shadow Slayer, Sword of Hearth and Home, and Yusri, Fortune’s Flame.

MH2 #2 At a Glance

[4:25] Hollow One Conspiracy
[10:02] Sultai BTL Quandrix Landcraft
[14:26] 4c BTL Quandrix Landcraft
[20:48] Grixis Prismari Thief
[24:40] Dakkon, Shadow Slayer
[29:27] Sword of Hearth and Home
[31:54] Grist, the Hunger Tide
[35:22] Yusri, Fortune’s Flame

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Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:00:00] You are listening to Faithless Brewing magic together in podcasts for the spike room each week, we design new decks in modern and pioneer. Put our case into the test and share our findings on the air. Coming up on the flashback testing results with conspiracy theorist Quandrix apprentice, and Prismari command.

After that we continue our previous guide to Modern Horizons too, with more previews from week one. That’s all coming up on this edition of the Faithless Brewing podcast. Thanks for this thing, Andy and Julie.

Hello and welcome to the Faithless Brewing podcast. I am Dan Schriever also known as cavedan online and I am joined this week by my guy on the left coast. You know him as Damon Alexander, Damon. What’s going on.

Damon Alexander: [00:01:15] Hey, not too much. Just still thinking through those awesome Modern Horizons cars we were discussing and getting excited for a summer of magic and also summer of fun, Seattle outdoor stuff.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:01:25] Yeah. I mean, this is like the busiest time of year for you. I know you like to go backpacking and survival in the woods. I take it’s miles from civilization while also playing magic online leagues on your smartphone.

Damon Alexander: [00:01:38] Uh, I’m not at that point where I play magic while traveling one of these days, I’ll maybe find a backpack in companion and we’ll bring ’em.

60 card decks and play on sleeves because sleeves add weight to your backpack. But, uh, haven’t gotten there yet.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:01:51] I mean, it, it is the case that like, while you’re out there hiking, you’ll occasionally get cell phone service, then your phone is flooded with pings of like screenshots of me, like, oh, look, look what happened.

And play our top line again, as you’re overlooking a pristine crater lake somewhere.

Damon Alexander: [00:02:07] Exactly his truth. There are some backpacking trails where like you get to the top of the mountain, you have cell phone service and there’s Google thread. We have just feels like a million miles away.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:02:18] David Robertson is not joining us today, but he will be back in next week to help us guide us through the rest of these Modern Horizons.

Two spoilers. Our task for today is a mix. So we have some decks that we brewed up last Sunday, using some cool cars from Strixhaven that we thought maybe flown under the radar. Then maybe you a little bit underexplored we tested those out. We’re going to tell you how those went and time permitting.

We’ll hit on some more Modern Horizons cards. Uh, we’ll see. I mean, these cards have been flying fast and furious. I’m fairly sure that we, you know, we’ll be busy with Modern Horizons next week, uh, pouring through those spoilers. So we’ll just see how it goes. Uh, that being said just some quick housekeeping at the top of reminder that if you like what we do on the casts, if you feel like this is, you know, something you look forward to and you want to throw us some of your support, you can do backslash Faithless Brewing.

Joining at any tier, we’ll get you access to our discord channel. Um, as you go up the tiers, we have other rewards as well. You get some bonus content. You get to look at our extended show notes, which during the spoiler weeks are always insane. I think this one is what’s 60 pages long for this week. Does that sound about right Damon 66 to be exact.

Get all of David Robertson’s hot takes that he’s typed out angry. David Robertson takes that. He’s not allowed to say on air, but he’ll see them in east end to show now. And yeah, we’re trying out some new things. We’re actually recording this one live in our discord. For those of you who are familiar with the clubhouse app, uh, it’s actually like a new kind of audio formats where essentially like a zoom web conference where you can have people speaking on the stage and people can listen in, live in the audience.

Discord has implemented a feature like that as well, similar to like Twitter spaces. If you’re familiar with that, one of the pers you’ll receive now for being a peach grant supporter is you’ll have the ability to listen in live as we record. And, you know, we’ll stick around for some Q and a afterwards.

That’s all, all the agenda for today. That being said, Damon, let’s dive in. Yeah.

Damon Alexander: [00:04:19] So we played some leagues. Uh, should we start with our soul tie specials? Or do you wanna start with your hollow one?

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:04:25] Uh, let’s start off with Halloween because I think, um, it was a fairly straightforward deck. So conspiracy theorists, this was the card of, uh, of interests.

One of the red for a Tutu. It functioning gives all your cards madness. Not, not real madness, not like, oh, is that card, kitchen imp fake, fake madness. Right? You discard something. And conspiracy theorist allows you to choose one of the cards you discard that you discarded that turn and cast it from your graveyard, paying full costs, et cetera.

Now, we were especially interested in the interaction with cards like burning inquiry, goblin lore. Anyone who’s played the Halloween archetype knows the frustration of you. See your hand has got to burning inquiry has got one, maybe 200. You spin the wheel, the smell it. And suddenly there’s, there’s nothing left in your hands.

You’re looking in their graveyard. Yeah. Two hollow ones there with conspiracy theorists. That is a thing of the past conspiracy theorists will take care of you. And you’ll never miss a hollow one again.

Damon Alexander: [00:05:25] Yeah. Yeah. Strong premise.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:05:27] It also has a built-in attack trigger. So when you attack with a conspiracy theorist, you can pay one and get a loot.

And I was curious to see whether that would come up that does provide a little bit of value, not as good as dark confidant, but that’s better than nothing. So the shell that we tested was a basic color. One shell burning inquiry, flameblade, adepts lightning bolts, goblin lore for hollow ones for street wraiths,, and three ox of agonas.

The flex slots for conspiracy theorist for thrilling discovery. Uh, this is a card that is functionally similar to the cathartic reunion. I was curious, you heard us talk about whether the white special was going to be worth it, and it actually was pretty good. Um, I’m actually, I’m glad that David insisted on this card because in the 10 matches, I played with his deck though, the white splash, the gaining life off the thrilling discovery came up a lot more than I thought it would.

Also to flamewake Phoenix to season Pyromancer and to fervent mastery. This was the kind of fun of, I wanted to test out my idea here for fervent mastery. Was that, uh, well, first of all, what does the car do? It’s three read, read tutor, your deck search for any three cars you want. Put them in your hand, then discard three at random.

So I’m looking to tutor up hollow ones and potentially one ox of agonas. If I have the conspiracy theorist in play, I will at least get to castle hollow one and possibly I’ll get a lot of value out of this fervent mastery. It also allows you to cast it for one less Mina, if you have the opponents first, that’s the alternate mastery clause.

So interesting. I mean, I’m actually playing, I think, 10 Strixhaven cards. Mendeck between conspiracy theorists, thrilling discovery and fervent mastery, and then to rip apart in the sideboard. So I played two leads with this and the first league was great. I went four and won the second league, not so good.

I went two and three, so I was six and four overall. And what I found was that the conspiracy jurist lions were like as good as we hoped actually the conspiracy theorists. Is a bit of a threat that like must be dealt with because it allows your burning inquiries and goblin lores just be so explosive.

They become so explosive on the flip side, the overall speed of the deck is a lot slower than I remembered apart from, you know, the lucky hands or, you know, I have some screenshots here on the youth that are show notes of, you know, turn one, hollow one. Or return two or three hollow ones or something that happened some of the time.

But apart from that, you know, you’re not telling them very fast. It turns out that making a four, four on turn two is actually just, it’s like a turn five kill, maybe. So this thing was actually a much stronger at grinding. And the decks that I beat up on were like the red decks, where I was able to CyBorD into a bunch of removal spells.

I had changed up the rocks on my sideboard to compliment the lightning bolts. There I became like a control deck that was also producing blockers and also drawing a million cars off ox of agonas and occasionally gaining life off thrilling discovery. But when it came time to beats like Tron decks or combo decks, um, dredge was a disaster.

Uh, I didn’t feel like this deck had the right tools.

Damon Alexander: [00:08:28] Interesting. So you like conspiracy theorist as just kind of a standalone sorts of card advantage and major synergy piece with the big discard spells.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:08:36] Yeah, it made me think that maybe another home would be, uh, something like there’s like a waste not dreadhorde arcanist deck.

That’s going around. Oh, the fringes of the five-oh leagues. That’s actually more of a mid-range deck where if you can lead on term one inquisition of kozilek, or thoughtseize on term one, and then just land conspiracy theorist. I think that’s actually like a pretty solid start because there’s plenty of stuff that just puts us off on the graveyard.

You can get some value off it, and if you have more alluding effects, like I burning inquiry. Uh, maybe that’s all you need. I don’t know whether that’s going to be a complete rebuild into a mid range sell, or just like a return to the more classic red, black hollow one where you have the option to play disruptive in the form of thoughts to use, to shore up somebody weaker. Match-ups where you can’t raise.

Damon Alexander: [00:09:21] Yeah. And also, I mean, to some extent, the matches you’re mentioning as weaknesses are match-ups that are typically difficult for many decks and have silver bullet cards available, uh, such as drag. You can always play more antique graveyard trying, you can always play more damping spheres or blood moons, or perhaps void mirrors.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:09:36] Well, the, or would help. I mean, I have found that my CyBorD options were limited. Like I didn’t really feel like I had great options for disrupting those style of decks in, in the red and white colors.

Damon Alexander: [00:09:48] Yeah, just don’t cast your hollow ones for free with the void mirror out.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:09:53] Exactly. All right. So that’s conspiracy theorists.

Uh, let’s shift gears a little bit and talk about the deck that you played. Damon.

Damon Alexander: [00:10:02] Yeah, so I was playing a salty land craft deck that I know Dan has been trying some in the community league. And so this is a deck that’s kind of built to ask the following question and that is. Is Quandrix apprentice any good.

And this is the car that is green blue for a Tutu human wizard with major craft. Uh, look at the top three cards of your library and grab a land for them into your hand. So then the rest of the deck features cards like fatal push, Abrupt Decay, growth spiral, some discard spells, uh, the bring to light Valki package is just kind of a good way to have a small, but very powerful wind condition.

We played a couple of tartlets trackers. There’s just additional cars that can pull ahead. And then a couple Ravens crime. This is the single black man, a target player does cards. A card is a sorcery with retrace. And so if you have a Quandrix apprentice out, You can kind of just rip through their hand because every time you cast a Ravens crime, you get a new land to then retrace the Raven’s crime to get a new land, to retrace the Ravens crime, et cetera, until your opponent is just all out of gas.

And so jumping into the league, you know, my very first match I was up against as per control. And they turn one thoughtseize me and I have a Quandrix apprentice in hand and they take the bring to light. And then I play the apprentice I turned to when it turns out their hand is just a bunch of like ops and stuff.

And so all of a sudden I thought Raven’s crime and just completely shred their hand. Uh, game two was a little bit closer. They tried to kind of, you know, play to ferry and things like that. But, um, It turns out the quarters apprentice is also just like a Tutu creature. Yeah, it was, it was really cool. Like the Ravens crime lock was like very strong.

Like what are they going to do in response? Aren’t we just trying to draw two, to have to discard one, two, then you Raven’s crime again, like once it was going, uh, they just had to drive removal very quickly or they, they lost and they didn’t. Meanwhile, the deck plays its own set of, you know, non their choices card where it’s your choice with the thoughts, seizes and inquisitions.

And so you could kind of clear the Wayfair Quandrix apprentice. Um, second match. I just kinda got absolutely shredded by blue, red prowess. Uh, there’s not a single card in this deck that really answers Stormwing entity. Uh, besides I guess, a Tibalt. My opponent also just had, you know, good draws the, it was ugly.

Uh, that deck is very good. If like they’re playing a different format than me, to be honest,

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:12:19] you showed up with your strongest Strixhaven sealed pool, Quandrix apprentice. Pass the turn to you. I answer exactly. And I’m worth it. It was bad. I’m more free. You went to,

Damon Alexander: [00:12:32] you described the game pretty, pretty precisely. Dan and I ran into four-color, I’m going to fail a kit and it was close. Uh, they kind of surprised me with their car choices.

Like they ha I played out my board and then they played Supreme verdict and I just didn’t expect that, um, You know, and in game one, I had a Quandrix apprentice and I think I got like a tireless tracker out and they, they bring to light in for their own Tibalt. And I looked at my board and I was like, there’s just, I, I just can’t win this game.

And I, in fact, could not win that game. Came to, I landed a clean crumble on their Valakut and their drive was kind of slow. Got the Ravens crime loop going game three. They just drew kind of, well, they had multiple dry heads. Omnath you name it? Uh, we won’t talk about game three. That was up against Jeskai Saheeli Vial Catherine Raven’s crime loop going, um, had some fun, uh, game states where.

It was like, do I damnation to kill their Felidar guardian or sack a clue to try to draw an answer if they draw a Saheeli. Uh, and so I kind of rolled the dice on drawing an answer, and then they topdecked Saheeli, but I’d run a mystical dispute. Uh, so kind of like a, a pretty, pretty fun match. And then I close it out against blue, black mill.

Uh, Raven’s crime was pretty good there. They had to bring in surgical against me.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:13:50] So that’s a surgical extraction on a Ravens crime.

Damon Alexander: [00:13:54] Well, if you have a single quandrix apprentices in place, that Raven’s Crime in your graveyard is actually no joke. And then also the Cling to Dust in the grave. It was also pretty good.

So I ended up three, two. And I actually was, I thought it was pretty happy there assaulting me, especially playing a three to ferry time, revelers X, and you’re bringing to light Delcy deck. I was surprised I was able to actually win two of those three. You need to fix for the blue red prowess matchup.

Maybe it was just, you know, bad set of variants, but I liked the deck. It had some powerful stuff going. Uh, obviously there’s a ton of them tweak the numbers here. I’m not sure where I would wind up.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:14:26] So I have some questions for you. But there are based on my own experience, I actually also played a league with Quandrix apprentice and some of the structural differences.

We’re all just like places that we were really wrestling with during this week, as we were deciding what to test. So you heard us talk about Sunday about, um, a more Omnath colored version of bringing to light scape shift with Dryads and Valakuts. I think David was high on that. I kind of talked you into cutting the Dryad of the Elysian Grove Damon, because there was like a little bit of a log jam.

I felt three men are wearing Quandrix apprentices is not that great burn too, if it’s just going to die right away. So you really want to play it on turn three and then it’s competing with dry to the lesion grills. So then do you have enough, two drops, et cetera, et cetera. Um, so you played without dry ads.

I decided to play one league with the dry and, uh, I had to like adjust them and be as accordingly with the . And there’s a little bit, a little bit messy. I also ended up trying to solve that turn to play problem by playing more counter magic. So in addition to the force obligations that you had Damon, uh, I also played three remands main deck.

Basically leaning on counter magic and spot removal in the form of fatal push. Whereas I think in those spots that you were playing abrupt to Ks, and I guess the Thoughtseize inquisition Ravens crime package. So curious on those specific car choices, what you did and didn’t have, uh, did you feel like your, your bill was performing the way you wanted, or did you feel like you wanted access to some of these other effects?

Damon Alexander: [00:15:59] It’s hard to say. I mean, I like the idea of having the kind of clean incident when with escape shift or even just a dry it, plus a valley kid is. Almost an instant win with how quickly it kills. Um, I’m not sure about kind of the other cards. I mean, I actually did like the Ravens crime. I thought that opened up an interesting set of lines.

Uh, never had it, you know, playing ops themselves. I guess I could have played those two. Uh, as cards that help you kind of go up resources when you have a magecraft card in the battlefield

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:16:26] Serum Visions, right? I mean, cause you were playing more sorcery speeds. So I think it was less relevant to, to hold your man up.

Damon Alexander: [00:16:33] It’s true. Although I feel like I never was able to cast them on turn. Three. I just had to use them turn one flusterstorm. I was not super thrilled with just that. I never got the dream where you cast a flusterstorm with quandrix apprentice out, but it’s just like so many Teferis. Are you all going to be playing fluster storm?

It’s kind of makes you nervous. Remand is interesting. That card is maybe a viable consideration. I’m not actually not sure that you don’t just jam Quandrix apprentice on turn to if they want to interact. That’s fine. Uh, you know, this deck is built to kind of work well in a late game against interactive decks.

We have kind of some grinding elements and meanwhile, once you, you know, you want to on tap on turn three and just kind of be able to do more than just two. You know, quandrix apprentice, plus Thoughtseize draw land. Uh, you want to have your turn through where you thoughts. These are all land into growth spiral into Ravens crime or something, and all of sudden you just have a ton of resources.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:17:23] Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. So I should say that the, the bill that I played apart from just those differences, it did have the four dryad of the elysian Grove, I had the three remands. And instead of the discard package, I had three fatal push, two lightning bolts. I had the one fluster storm, so I played a league and ended up going four in one, I just missed the five-oh in a close match against amulet Titan.

Whereas I beat up on these other Titans backside. I beat a green, white reclaimer Titan, a red green classic Scapeshifts, Titan, or tightened shift, I guess you would call it a beat to Omnath Saheeli. Uh, Felidar guardian deck. And, uh, is it through the breach deck? So in all of these matchups, the Counterspells came up huge.

Um, that being said, I didn’t have to face any aggro decks or anything really too off the beaten path. So, uh, it’s possible that I kind of got the favorable mashups one might say, but I was like really, uh, impressed with the deck and having played. This dry division grow version, and I’ve tested Damon’s version a little bit last week.

I think the Dryads ultimately does give you more power and is probably the right way to go.

Damon Alexander: [00:18:30] Yeah. Try and pull valakut is just too strong. Uh, arguably like actually, you know, too strong for modern, but we’ll see. We’re not the ones who decide that. Uh, I can definitely believe you on that. Uh, unless you just.

Go go some nuts and you can either kill your opponent or you can kill all Swiss beers or whatever, if you have it early enough. Uh, meanwhile, senior notes, that valakut was a nice card you could dig for with Quandrix apprentice and yeah, in my self diversion, you know, the only cards I was really digging for were, you know, hinterland harbors to have a painless land or a fetch land to, you know, go with tireless tracker or maybe like an urborg or maybe like a zagoth triome to cycle or something.

Certainly. So it’s probably nothing, you know, particularly exciting.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:19:09] Yeah. So where are we landing on Quandrix apprentice, specifically? The bills that we played, it had various uses. So my builder was digging three cards at a time for Velux two, it’s a your builds. It was having a nice, a one-two punch with a Ravens crime in both of our builds that pitched to force the negation.

And, you know, it did a little bit of a, to, to creature, but I mean, that’s coming at the expense of maybe more powerful cards, like our Wrenn and Six, for example.

Damon Alexander: [00:19:35] Yeah. I mean, the card is, is sort of similar to run in six and I’m not even sure I’m ready to say the Renaissance is more powerful. When quandrix apprentice goes off, you get a ton of Lance to hand and you start just like thinning your deck massively.

Which is something that wrenn and six years doesn’t really do. Wrenn and Six kinda steadily takes up to an old book. Can it get attacked? Um, Cornish apprentice, like the downside is Wrenn and Six comes on and turned to immediately goes up a card Quandrix apprentice, unless you have a car like mutagenic growth or in, uh, Dan and I played it in the seven point Highlander and he had taxi and probe every time.

Sorry, certainly a great pairing, but yeah, I think Quadris apprentice is a car that is worth trying more. I’m not really claimed that this is going to be, you know, is truly at home in the tier one of modern, but I was impressed with it enough that I think more people should try it.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:20:24] I feel the same way and worth noting that you went three, two.

I went for one, um, I think last week I also played a Sedgemoor Witch deck with Quandrix apprentice then went three, two with that. So it’s putting up results now. Is that the strongest card in the deck or is it the weakest card in the deck? It’s probably closer to it because card, but it’s got some really unique skills and I agree with Damon.

There’s definitely more to explore.

Damon Alexander: [00:20:48] Yeah. So lastly, uh, David, who is not with us, played a league on a Grixis Prismari command list in pioneer. And so this list features, uh, you know, the kind of classic Grixis cards like censor drown, a lock thought, these fatal push brazen borrower, bone crusher, giant.

Kolaghan’s command. Uh, David is in fact playing a full place at a Prismari command, even though every time you, it was honest as the card is always the worst card. Every that he plays, maybe the worst card in magic, but he’s back along the way. A couple Narset days, I’m doing a commit memory to Galazeth Prismari and four notions along with two baleful mastery to kind of work with your notion thief.

And he kept sending us screenshots and every single time it was like, man, this Notion Thief was doing serious work, like got him with notions that you’ve got them with notions that you’ve gotten with notion thief, uh, and he racked up a four one. He says that he was, uh, kind of a late topic collected company away from the five-oh in a close match against white green collected company.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:21:43] Yeah, that was in the four hole bracket no less. And he played against, uh, Bruno, the trophy leader. And, uh, Masuka was 94, who was third in trophies and pioneer. Pioneer is like grinders formats. You’re going to run into somebody who’s a stolen COVID killer is out there, but I think it was pretty exciting that he was able to put up these great results against some of the top players

Damon Alexander: [00:22:05] with a hundred people in the QS. You know, some of them are bound to be in the top 10 and trophies.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:22:10] It’s not a hundred people in the QS, but I mean, pioneer these days. Well, two things. One is the format is actually awesome. The meta-game is awesome. The decks are really sweet, but two is like, it’s still got a bad reputation. It’s got a bad rap.

People make fun of it’s. There’s not a lot of players. It’s so much like that scene from the movie rounders. Matt Damon, where they all go to Atlantic city and they’re going to like play some poker and beat up on the tourist and they get through to the casino. And the poker table is just like there other in New York city grinder friends, like they’re just like ended up having to take each other’s money, like waiting for a tourist to show up.

But in the meantime, they’re just trading their cash rolls back and forth. That’s the pioneer in a nutshell and magic online, but it’s actually a great formats. If you can get past that as this like proves I think, I mean, so David has complained about Prismari command a love, but to his credit, he challenged himself to come up with, you know, something that.

Unlocked a motive Prismari command that no other car can do. So the idea here is that you’re going to target the opponents with the draw to discard to while you have either Narset or notion thief in play. I mean, he has some truly amazing screenshots here where he’s got like, you know, the Niv-Mizzet player, they resolve their Tibalt on turn five and tick up, and they’re like all excited.

And then David ended up flashes and the notion thief goes to ONTAP. Prismari commands targets the opponent and gets like a five for one kills the table. It’s just insane. It looks like an insane swings.

Damon Alexander: [00:23:37] Yeah. Yeah. Notion thief with Prismari command generates a lot of five for one, no joke five for one opportunities.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:23:45] Yeah. So, uh, we’ll have to pick David’s brain about this more when he’s back next week, but yeah, just want to give a shout out on the cast. If you’re looking for something to play in pioneer, this, this deck looks completely awesome. Uh, we’ll have the list. And the show notes. They’re also on our Twitter at Faithless MTG.

And you can see some of this deck inaction.

Damon Alexander: [00:24:05] Yeah. So with those league recaps, uh, we have a few Modern Horizons cards to discuss that we didn’t get through on Friday.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:24:13] Yeah. We’ll take a short break and come back and talk about, uh, some more of the exciting previews. Stay with us.

Damon Alexander: [00:24:40] welcome back. We have a little bit of time to go through a few of our Modern Horizons to spoilers. And we’re going to pick up where we left off at the three CMC slot or three mana value value slot. And first off is a deck on shadow Slayer, which is white blue, black for a zero loyalty. Planeswalker. Whoa.

Okay. Um, Dakkon  enters the battlefield with a number of loyalty counters on him, equal to the number of lands you control. Not on him. That’s kind of that new template thing. Um, but the ability’s definitely like a new one. So what are the abilities that you can use with his potentially large loyalty count?

Well, plus one is surveilled two minus three XL target creature, and minus six, you may put an artifact card from your hand or graveyard onto the battlefield.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:25:29] Hmm. So Dakkon is like the face Plains Walker up the sets. Uh, obviously this is such an iconic card from legends, uh, artwork by Richard Kane Ferguson, just awesome looking card.

This card was a beauty to behold, and I think the art on profane tutor also depicts deck and holding the black blades. So really a suite that they got the, uh, the OIG artists to come back and do this as a three-minute Planeswalker. I think Dakkon is like secretly amazing. But he doesn’t go into any existing deck.

I think you have to brew a deck from scratch that unlocks what Beckon is capable of doing.

Damon Alexander: [00:26:06] There’s an argument that just says, like, you know, there is an existing esper control deck that sees a lot of play right now. Does this Carter’s go in that deck is kind of an early mana XL creature card. Maybe you play it on three inches dies immediately, but you got rid of a creature.

Uh, or you cast it on, you know, turn 10, it’s, nine loyalty, X, other creatures still have six loyalty. They attack it for us, all another creature. Uh, and you’re just kind of, so far ahead that you don’t really care that your doctor wasn’t planning artifacts.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:26:33] I mean, I feel like I would want some artifacts.

Right? I don’t know what they would be and maybe Torrential Gearhulk or maybe just like a stone forge mystic package with batterskull.

Damon Alexander: [00:26:42] Well, I mean, my, my Jeskai saheeli, uh, opponent in round four of my leave for the week. At the end of game one, they offered us Saheeli to fetch up in Aether vial.

So not all Plains ultimately wound up being, uh, super useful.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:27:02] True, true. Okay. So if we’re not going to ultimate, we have a plus one surveil to surveil is way better than sky, like way better than sky, but that’s still not worth the card. Now, the minus three exiled target creature. That’s like, okay, if you’re playing deck and late in the game and he comes in with enough loyalty to minus three, twice, You have yourself a little too, from a potential on that.

That’s not bad. I mean, I could see this pulling your head, but I kind of feel like you need the thread of the ultimate to really make this worth it.

Damon Alexander: [00:27:35] Yeah, that’s probably true. I mean, even if you consider Dakkon into this best and kind of the control mode Teferi, Time Raveler versus Teferi, Hero of Dominaria versus Jason mind, sculptor, I’ll just kind of seem to do similar things, but, uh, perhaps better

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:27:49] you have any interest in the lesson confront the past.

It lets you cast the Planeswalker out of your graveyard essentially for just one more metal, because it occurred to me that deck and is like one of the cheapest planes, walkers that actually naturally puts herself on the graveyard pretty regularly. Like you play him minus three and he’s dead, but then he confronts the past and realizes he’s not dead and wants to actually come back.

So cards like I’m professor of symbology or I Twitch. Uh, they’re actually really interesting cars. They’re cheap, they’re effective, or they just get lessons and lessons don’t do anything. Um, they’re just so expensive that you rarely see them in constructive, but maybe like maybe the Liliana one confront the past with the help of deck.

And maybe with Liliana herself might be worth it.

Damon Alexander: [00:28:39] Yeah, I mean, confront the past, I guess he played deck and then three exiled there, creature. And then on four or any point in the future, you just confront the past, bring back your deck. And for four mana comes in with more loyalty, uh, and it’s kinda does the deck and thing again.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:28:57] Comes in with a million loyalty. Maybe, maybe you’ve got  in place. Maybe you’re ultimately that way. Who knows? Who knows? Well, very cool card.

Damon Alexander: [00:29:07] So maybe it’s just a way to get Bolas’s Citadel, to play. Dan.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:29:10] I didn’t want to see it, but you know, that’s what I’m thinking. I know. I’m glad you said it. I’m glad he said it.

I didn’t say it. He said it. All right. Let’s move on. Moving on. It’s a Citadel hour. So we need to move on. We have an artifact that Dakkon could find

Damon Alexander: [00:29:27] Sword of home and hearth. Do you wanna read this one down, sir?

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:29:31] Uh, it’s a three man artifact equipments. This is the green and white sores sort of hearth and home, uh, gives the equip creature plus plus, so you protection from green and white and whenever it deals combat damage to a player, you exile up to one target creature that you own.

Then you search your library for a basic land card. Then you put both those cards onto the battlefields under your control and shuffle up. Huh, so that’s weird. So getting a basic land. Good. Um, you get the land comes in on tapped. Exiling one of your own, increasers effectively blinking. It’s uh, that can be good.

Uh, we’ve seen equipment like this most likely in a stone forge package in a taxes shell, Texas plays creatures like stone forest mystic, like elite Spellbinder liquor with a, you do have something. Oh, Skyclave Apparition. Of course. That’s the big one you do have creatures that would benefit from being blinked.

So does this crack the Stoneforge package, starting lineup effectively.

Damon Alexander: [00:30:30] It’s really interesting templating that lets the effect kind of fit into a text box where they kind of combine the excellent creature and finding a land so that you, you use a single sentence to bring them both into play. That gives it kind of the longest blink ever, where the creature goes into exile while you search your deck for a land card and then comes to back versus a femme rages.

But of course in the magic rules, it’s both instantaneous. Yeah. I think this card is, is. Uh, you know, a good EDH card where you can, you know, attack with your wood elves. Hey, your opponents, you get a new land. You exile your what else? You get a new land. Uh, that’s maggot just re-equip the sword. I think in constructed the pro white green is probably not where you want to be.

And this ability is also not where you want to be. Uh, a lot has to go, right. Um, to hit with this in the next, I’ll just got to leave apparition. I mean, it could happen, but when should I just have a sort of fire and ice where you don’t need anything else to be going on to, to get value?

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:31:26] Uh, yeah, maybe, uh, I think it’s, I run a taxes mirror or something, and this does give pro wait, that’s pretty good.

This sort is like decent. Um, I like the flavor of it. You know, you go to war or you take a big swing and then you go home to your hearth, plant some crops and eat some stew. I don’t know. I mean, I think this card is like good enough to consider, but I’m not going to go out of my way to play it. Yeah. Um, All right.

Let’s let’s move on to grist the hunger tide.

Damon Alexander: [00:31:54] Yeah. We have one green black for a three loyalty grist. Planeswalker with as long as Grist isn’t on the battlefield, it is a one-on-one insect creature in addition to its other types. Uh, we’ll have to think about that for a second. But first, uh, the abilities are, plus one, create a one, one black and insight creature token, then mill a card.

If you build an insight card, put a loyalty counter on Grist and repeat the process. Uh, minus two, you may sacrifice a creature when you do destroy target creature or Planeswalker. And lastly, minus five, each opponent loses life equal to the number of cards in your graveyard. So this card is a creature in all zones while also being a Planeswalker.

So for example, you can cast the card green sun’s Zenith in legacy and get a Planeswalker, which was before this card not possible. Uh, you can also hit it off collected company or any other thing that kind of searches your deck for a creature. And puts into play.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:32:49] That’s super wild. What are they doing? And all these weird rules, like it counts as a creature in the commands.

So you can keep your commander if you want. It counts as two types for delirium. Uh, it can’t be countered by force of negation. Cause while it’s on the stack, it’s a creature. David was asking whether you can use necrotic ooze with grist civility. It turns out you can, and necrotic ooze can gain the Planeswalker abilities.

You can plus one with this chronic who is, um, but only once a turn. So it’s not super exciting. So there’s all this shenanigans of like getting this into play off of any number of creature tutoring effects. Collected company I think is, is a, is a great option. But do we actually like these abilities? Um, the minus two looks like the best one.

You may have like a creature when you do destroy a target creature or plants Walker the plus one of maybe, well, you always get the insect, you create an insect Miller card and then maybe you do it again. But that’s like, I’m not super interested in that. And then Maya is five. Reminds me a little bit of Kaya, Orzhov usurper.

It does some amount of damage to the opponent, but I think on balance Kaya, Orzhov Usurper does more damage. So I just, I just don’t know. I think Grist is going to disappoint on the battlefields as exciting as Grist is when he’s not on the battlefield. Um, it doesn’t actually do that much employee.

Damon Alexander: [00:34:11] I mean, a card is a little bit better than that.

Uh, it is similar to cube legend, uh, one red black for a three loyalty Planeswalker Daretti iconoclast, ingenious, ingenious, iconic classed, sort of similar. Tableting where the uptake gives you a one-on-one artifact with defender, the minus one, you can sack an artifact, uh, when you do destroy target creature artifact.

Uh, this hits creatures or Planeswalkers on the down tick, which is actually kind of insane that you’re minus two can kill, you know, to ferry here of dominate area. Um, and the, the play pattern of where you uptick make a blocker or whatever. Uh, it’s better than it looks. Um, even though it does look a little underwhelming again, this is the three-minute Planeswalker, um, they don’t all have to be Oko to be, to be good merely by playing other grits in your deck, you have a source of other insects to mill every so often.

So sometimes you’ll get to insects and to loyalty.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:35:06] Yeah, I’ll play more Grist for the mill. The bam. No. Yeah. I mean the minus two, destroying a Plains Walker, I guess that’s the ceiling for the card. Get revenge on Wrenn and Six, but, uh, I don’t know. I think, I think I just don’t see it. I’m not a believer in this yet

Damon Alexander: [00:35:22] in a format defined by just getting run over by blue prowess on turn three or turned four or permeable tank going to town.

This sort of planes Walker is maybe yeah.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:35:32] All right. Well, one last card, just for fun before we’re out of time, let’s talk about Yursi, fortune’s, flame.

Damon Alexander: [00:35:39] Yeah. Before we get to it, let’s flip five coins. If they’re all heads, we’ll discuss it, right? Oh, we lost. That’s going to happen. A lot of people with Yusri because we use three does is one blue red for a two, three legendary freak with flying.

Whenever Yusri attacks choose a number between one and five flip that many coins. For each flip, you win draw card for each flip, you lose, you see deals to damage to you. And then if you want five flips this way you may cast spells from your hand is turned without paying their managed costs. So I use reissues daring you to go for all five flips.

You have a one in 32 chance of trying five cards and getting a cast your whole hand for free. And a one to 32 chance of taking 10 damage along with every other outcome in between.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:36:25] So David has a note here that this is such a sweet card and it’s just a wasted on a lightening bolt formats. That is true.

It’s a little bit of a shame that it’s only a two or three, not a two, four, or even even a one four flyer, because who cares about the combat stats? You just want to attack and get this flip trigger. I almost think you could try this in the sideboard of Grixis that shadow. Am I crazy for thinking that’s like you you’ll occasionally see something like a Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy.

Yeah. You on the sideboard or some random card like that. Get it. Use retail. And after you’ve exchanged resources and just attack and flip five and. Yeah. I mean, what a way to go if that’s how you’re going to die, what a way to go.

Damon Alexander: [00:37:05] Yeah. Yeah. And if you win some flips, you probably pretty happy with the outcome.

Um, that’s an interesting premise down. I am a little skeptical. This has to survive an attack. I mean, JVP has to survive and then tap.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:37:18] Yeah, this is great.

Damon Alexander: [00:37:20] Yeah. It’s a little bit easier when it’s two minutes building a three minute spell, but yeah, it’s not, it’s not that much harder.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:37:25] What if I’m, uh, what, what is the card that honor is something with haste?

I guess haste is the problem. That’s the problem you have to like, have it survive long enough to get to combat. But I’m here for the flips. You know, if, if that’s how it was going to go down, let’s just flip out and let’s do it.

Damon Alexander: [00:37:42] Oh, pretty soon. We’re going to be end of churned through the breach Yusri, Fortune’s Flame.

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:37:47] If I went all five flips, like, and put this Emrakul into place for free. All right. Well, Probably not a bright future in, in one-on-one, but the car is just so cool. We had to talk about it a little bit. I think we should leave it there. Just for purposes of time. Obviously there’s a ton more in the sets. Um, that’s has been spoiled that we will be spoiled by the time you guys are hearing this and we are going to come back and hit all of those for you.

Next week. So it’d be assertive. And then until then we are going to bid you adieu. Yeah.

Damon Alexander: [00:38:18] May you win all your flips?

Daniel Schriever (cavedan): [00:38:23] All five that’s right. Take care. See you next time. That’s a wrap on this edition of the Faithless Brewing podcast tune in next week. For part two of our brewers guide to Modern Horizons.

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