Fundamentals of Brewing, Part II (ft. Aspiringspike)

Fundamentals of Brewing, Part II (ft. Aspiringspike)

Faithless Brewing, Episode 79: Leveling Up with Aspiringspike

Fresh off a PTQ win, Evart Moughon aka Aspiringspike returns to answer listener questions about the state of Modern and Pioneer, the future of control, tips for aspiring brewers, and how to improve as a Magic player. Also on the Flashback: another trophy with Zombies, and a cool new twist on Reanimator.

Decklists and Timestamps

Fundamentals of Brewing: Q&A with Aspiringspike

7:15 “At the Dive-In: Heliod Company Is the Deck to Beat This Weekend” by Stanislav

14:07 Evart’s current favorite decks

24:14 The speed of Pioneer

29:37 How to attack the meta without a top tier deck

33:41 Secrets for successful brewing

36:20 Pet cards waiting for their perfect synergy piece

42:37 The positioning of Counterbalance in Modern

46:55 UW and Sharkblade in Modern

50:24 To plus or not to plus?

51:57 Creature design and the future of control

Flashback: Halloween Spooktacular

57:29 UB Zombies by aspiringspike: 5-0, 5-0 leagues

1:01:55 WB Zombies by Tarraque: 5-0 league

1:08:58 Thwart the Grave by David: 4-1 league, 2-3 league

1:19:40 Tome Diviner by David: 2-3 league

1:22:15 Vesperlark Reanimator by Fluffywolf2: 5-0 league

Fundamentals, continued

1:29:12 How to improve as a Magic player

Where to find Evart

Stream: (9am-3pm CST, Mon-Fri)

Twitter: @MoughonEvart

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