Four Color Blunder? A Closer Look at Omnath

Four Color Blunder? A Closer Look at Omnath

Faithless Brewing, Episode 73: Omnath, Locus of Creation

You know his name. Four colors, four abilities, no problems — unless you’re sitting on the wrong side of the battlefield. Omnath, Locus of Creation has already proven so explosive that there’s talk of bans in Standard even before Zendikar Rising is available in paper. This is a remarkable card, poised to leave a remarkable footprint on both Modern and Pioneer. Let’s see what Omnath can do!

Taylor’s Voting Resources:

Roundup: Zendikar Rising Week 1 Results

Dimir 8-Crab by TheEnzym (1st, Saturday Modern Challenge)

No-Land Belcher by SebastianSteuckl (T32, Sunday Modern Challenge)

UW Spirits by DaniMRebel (2nd, Sunday Modern Challenge)

Death and Taxes by Metcalf (T4, Saturday Modern Challenge)

Death and Taxes by SpiderSpace (5-0 league)

Naya Kiki-Chord by Kurusu (T32, Sunday Modern Challenge)

GW Resto Hatebears (5-0 league)

Orzhov Stoneblade by Kk- (5-0 league)

Jeskai Wildfire by camr0n_1 (5-0 league)

Izzet Delver by TubbyBatman (T32, Modern Champs)

“Alternative Prowess” by mhayashi (5-0 league)

4c Traverse Shadow by benchsummer (T8, Sunday Modern Challenge)

Amulet Titan by HouseOfCardsMTG (T16, Sunday Modern Challenge)

GW Scales by coert (1st, Sunday Modern Challenge)

Jeskai Stoneforge by kiko (T32, Sat Modern Challenge)

Flashback: Scourge of the Skyclaves

Jund Shadow by maximusdee (T8 Sunday Modern Challenge): 2-3 league

Brew Session: Omnath, Locus of Creation

Modern Uro Pile by McWinSauce

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