Farewell MTG Art

Season 13, Episode 10: Brewer’s Mailbag

In Manacymbal’s final episode before setting sail on a 6 month long cruise, the crew looks at the top tier Modern metagame and the best performers from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. After that, Dan, Zach, and Morde open up the mailbag to field listener questions about taking breaks from Magic, tips for starting at a new LGS, getting started in Pioneer, our favorite MTG content, and much more.

S13E10 Timestamps

[3:00] Manacymbal’s Farewell
[5:48] Housekeeping
Roundup: The Modern Metagame
[10:57] Modern Super Qualifier + Modern Challenge results
[17:01] Is Grixis Shadow the best deck in the format?
[22:53] BW Blink ft. Touch of the Spirit-Realm
[27:16] UW Control ft. The Wandering Emperor
[32:04] Rakdos Sac ft. Oni-Cult Anvil + Experimental Synthesizer
Brewer’s Mailbag
[36:08] How to get back into Modern & Pioneer after a hiatus
[41:52] The best decks for back-and-forth gameplay
[46:39] Tips for starting to play at an LGS
[54:20] Online play vs. paper play: key differences
[1:02:00] Our favorite MTG content
[1:08:54] No better time for SCG Premium
[1:13:27] The future of Faithless Brewing

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