Everything You Need to Know to Get Back into Pioneer: A Format Primer (April-May 2022)

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Season 13, Episode 21: Pioneer State of the Format (March-April 2022)

There is tremendous interest in Pioneer right now. The format was already picking up some buzz, but the return of the Pro Tour and the upcoming Regional Championships, both of which will feature Pioneer, have kicked things up to another level. If you’ve been on the fence, now is the perfect time to jump back in and (re-)learn the format.

This episode is intended to be a resource for newer players who are not caught up on Pioneer, or veterans who are returning to Pioneer after an absence. We are going to run through the most important decks in the meta and give you the info you need to get started in Pioneer.

For each deck in our Tier List, we’re going to explain: 1. What the deck does at a high level; 2. Key cards and interactions to be aware of (including recent technology); and 3. Ways to fight against the strategy and key sideboard considerations.

Happy brewing and welcome back to Pioneer!

Decklists and Timestamps

[2:38] Housekeeping
[5:51] UW Control
[12:21] Izzet Phoenix
[18:02] Naya Winota
[25:28] Lotus Field Combo
[32:30] Rakdos Sacrifice
[39:10] 4c Jeskai Ascendancy
[45:13] 5c Niv to Light
[48:26] 5c Enigmatic Incarnation
[52:57] 4c Transmogrify Fires
[55:50] Mono Green Devotion
[59:29] Bant Spirits
[1:00:29] Mono Blue Spirits
[1:05:21] Rakdos Midrange
[1:07:10] Jund Sacrifice
[1:08:51] Mono Red Aggro
[1:12:32] Other decks
[1:13:24] Closing thoughts: the state of Pioneer

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