Emrakul to the Face: Brainstone Combos with Calibrated Blast

mtg calibrated blast art

Modern Horizons 2, Episode 15: Brew Session

Who is the biggest baddie in all of Modern? That honor still goes to Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. “Spaghetti Mama,” as she is sometimes called, is one of the most fearsome attackers in the format, with a little assist from Through the Breach.

But you know what is even flashier than a 15/15 flying haste? A 15 damage burn spell directly to the face! Enter Calibrated Blast, a vastly upgraded Erratic Explosions that gives you two bites at the apple when trying to blast the opponent into oblivion. All you need to do is stack the top of your deck, and Brainstone is tailor made for the job

Meanwhile on the Flashback, Carth the Lion took us on a wild ride through multiple unsuccessful brews, but there is undeniable power there. It’s just a matter of culling the bad planeswalkers and replacing them with good ones — something we were finally able to do in our last iteration, which got us the 5-0!

MH2/AFR #15 At a Glance

Brew Session: Brainstone + Calibrated Blast
[2:21] Theorycrafting Brainstone
[6:54] Brainstone Miracles by TSPJendrek
[7:50] 4c Lurrus Saga Control by CharlieTheBananaKing
[9:22] Theorycrafting Calibrated Blast
[13:49] Sketch 1: Jeskai Calibrated Breach
[20:18] Sketch 2: Descendant’s Path Eldrazi
[25:15] Sketch 3: Beast Tracker Jund
Flashback: Carth the Lion
[29:32] Sultai Carth Tezzerator
[35:01] Rainbow Carth Kasmina 1.0
[37:36] Rainbow Carth Kasmina 1.1
[38:29] Jund Carth Superfriends
[40:09] Rainbow Carth Saheeli

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