Don’t Sleep on Luminarch Aspirant

Don’t Sleep on Luminarch Aspirant

Alright, we admit it: we’ve been known to bag on the color White in the past. We called it the worst color for constructed, and even dedicated an episode to seven bad White cards from Core 2021. Wizards vowed to improve the color’s fortunes, even promising that Zendikar Rising would contain powerful new options. And you know what? They delivered!

With Skyclave Apparition currently the darling of Modern, we’re taking a week to highlight another strong creature that is still flying under the radar. Luminarch Aspirant may not look like much, but it is quietly putting up 5-0s in both Modern and Pioneer. This is perhaps the largest standalone 2 drop White has ever seen, and it synergizes with +1/+1 counters and Human tribal to boot. Don’t sleep on it!

Decklists for Episode 76

Roundup: Spicy Modern Tech + Pioneer Check-In

4c Felidar Saheeli by Kanister (1st place, Sunday Challenge)

GW Heliod Life by coert (T4, Sunday Challenge)

Belcher Prison by Wyern (T8, Sunday Challenge)

RW Ice Nine Special by ice_nine (T16, Saturday Challenge)

Enduring Ideal by Rinko (T32, Sunday Challenge)

Pioneer Metagame Report by u/Acc956 (via r/PioneerMTG)

Flashback: Magmatic Channeler

MHayashi’s Alternative Prowess: 3-2 league

Mardu Vampire Channeler: 3-2 league

Grixis Channeler: 1-4 league

Izzet Channel the Truth: 3-2 league

Channel Phoenix: 4-1 league, 5-0 league, 3-2 league

Brew Session: Luminarch Aspirant

Sketch 1: Spooky Zoo Lightsaber

Sketch 2: Abzan Aggro Counters

Reference lists (Modern)

Mono-W Heliod (5-2 Challenge) [+another 5-0 on a similar list but with Lurrus]

Bant Cephalid Lunch? (5-0 League)

RW Boom Bust Rabblemasters (5-0 League)

Naya Ranger-Captain Zoo (5-0 League)

Reference lists (Pioneer)

Wb Humans (Loxodon version) (sample decklist)

GW Aggro Scales (5-0 league)

Abzan CoCo Scales by VTCLA (5-0 league)

4c Humans Party (5-0 league)

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One thought on “Don’t Sleep on Luminarch Aspirant

  • October 17, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Hey ! Why didn’t you talk about WB humans adopting the Aspirant in Pioneer ?


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