Dimir Inverter Is Back!

Inverter of Truth

Kaldheim Season, Episode 18: This Week in Brewing (March 19, 2021)

Don’t call it an comeback! Dimir Inverter is back, this time in Modern with a little assist from Shelldock Isle and other spicy tools. Meanwhile, Esper Charm hoists the trophy in the Challenge, and Slivers continue their blistering assault. In Pioneer, David has a new take on Cat Pact Combo, while Damon and Dan try their luck at 7 Point Highlander.

Roundup: Picks of the Week
7 Point Highlander
Release the Gods BTL Cat Pact: 3-2 league, 4-1 league
Damon’s Pick: Dimir Inverter by kanister
David’s Pick: Esper Control by TSPJendrek
Cavedan’s Pick: Slivers by Justburn420

Flashback: Giants Week
Jeskai Felidar Titan: 2-3 league
Izzet Inferno Titan Tempo: 2-3 league
Gruul Cragganwick Breach: 3-2 league
Izzet Orvar Combo: 3-2 league

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