Diamond Hands: Treasure Cruisin’ with Magda, Brazen Outlaw

Diamond Hands: Treasure Cruisin’ with Magda, Brazen Outlaw

Kaldheim Season, Episode 06: Magda, Brazen Outlaw

The most dangerous mechanic in Magic? Fast mana. Always has been, always will be. Cards that produce bursts of mana are the rarest of the rare. Cards that do so repeatedly wind up on banned lists.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Kaldheim introduced us to Magda, Brazen Outlaw. Cheap, repeatable Treasures on an aggressive tribal lord, with a free repeatable tutor clause thrown in? Wizards is playing with F.I.R.E. here. Yes, the Dwarf tribe has been massively shorted (they’re Dwarves after all), but don’t let the fat cats in Renton dissuade you. There’s fistfuls of Treasure to be gained for brewers with diamond hands.

Context is everything, of course. Whether recruiting Dwarves, tutoring Dragon or artifact payoffs, or unlocking obscure combos (Clock of Omens anyone?), one thing is certain: Magda is going to make us work for it. We’ve got four new lists to test and a half dozen more on the drawing board, so let’s get to work!

2:08 Magda Rules Notes
3:47 Tap Outlets
6:59 Are There Playable Dwarves?
10:05 Dragon Payoffs
13:56 Artifact Payoffs
18:01 Mana Sinks
20:22 Treasure Makers
22:47 Clock of Omens Combo
26:33 Aura of Dominion Combo
28:09 Paradox Engine Combo
30:49 Sketch 1: Magda Clock Combo (Modern) (3-2 league)
35:50 Sketch 2: Jeskai Dwarf Tempo (Modern)
44:38 Sketch 3: Boros Dwarves (Pioneer)
49:49 Sketch 4: Temur Treasures (Pioneer)

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