Diabolic Intentions: Searching for the Next Great Combo Deck

Diabolic Intent MTG Art

Season 16, Episode 8: Brew Session (Diabolic Intent) + Flashback (Arcane Proxy)

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Is there any card in The Brothers’ War more polarizing than Diabolic Intent? To some, this is the second coming of Demonic Tutor, a card so powerful and sought-after that it would be unthinkable to print in today’s formats. To others, sorcery speed tutors are relics of a bygone era, better suited to Commander tables than they are to the harsh tempo wars of Modern and Pioneer.

This week, the crew vows to get to the bottom of the issue. We take a look at 10 new decks for Diabolic Intent in Modern and Pioneer. Is the card more at home in midrange, aggro-combo, pure combo, or something else entirely? Our mission this week is to find out.

We also report on our testing results with Arcane Proxy in three different Pioneer decks.


Brew Session: Diabolic Intent

[3:16] Theorycrafting

[10:00] David’s Mardu Greasefang

[15:52] David’s Diabolic Sacdos

[20:34] David’s Dimir Ashnod Ramp

[27:25] BG Diabolic Citadel by Sam Rolph

[30:59] Diabolic Hammer by LCnightrider

[32:43] Rakdos Zombardment by NAMELESSYU

[35:46] Mono-Black ReSCAMinator by aspiringspike

[39:52] Rakdos Trash for Treasure by PieGonti

[44:38] Zach’s Esper Urza ThopterSword

[50:26] Zach’s Grixis Gyoza

Flashback: Arcane Proxy

[55:07] Dan’s Dimir Arcane Truth

[1:01:18] Zach’s Izzet Crackling Proxy

[1:07:20] Zachs’ Sultai Perennial Neoform

[1:12:16] Final thoughts on Arcane Proxy

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