60. Death by Snoopy

Faithless Brewing, Episode 60: Conspicuous Snoop


“Umm… Is that a goblin with his face pressed up against our window?” “Yeah” “Is he… spying on us?” “Yeah, it’s exactly what it looks like.”


Today’s episode is exactly what it looks like. During preview week, it took approximately 7 minutes for the Modern community to latch onto the hot new combo involving Conspicuous Snoop. Play Snoop, play Boggart Harbinger, put Kiki-Jiki on top, easy as you please. As far as combos go, this one is pretty conspicuous.


So should we as Faithless Brewers even bother exploring this card, or should we trust in the collective efforts of the hive mind to Figure It Out? Everyone else is also working on this deck and the concept is very powerful, seeming to slot into an already solid Goblins strategy. That said, we don’t often get chances to do a Goblin Week, and when you dig deeper into the tribe, it turns out there are many branching paths that can take a Goblins deck into unexpected places. This is especially true in Pioneer where the infinite combo is not available. As clear-cut as the combo is, there are many questions to be answered, not least of which is: How good is Conspicuous Snoop, really? We’ve got our first round of M21 deck sketches ready, so let’s head to the queues to find out!


Roundup: Top Picks for M21


6:45  Kinnan Urza (Jiggywiggy, 7-1 Modern Challenge)

Kinnan Urza Deck Guide (by ManaCymbal)


Core Set 2021 Preview Roundup

15:30  Most Overrated

20:48  Most Underrated

33:15  Best fits for Existing decks

36:00  Best for spawning new archetypes

39:00  Most Fun / Most Excited to Brew With

44:50  Top 5 Overall


Flashback: Sprite Dragon


47:55  Izzet Prowess (Modern): 5-5 leagues

55:30  Grixis Lurrus (Modern): 2-3 league

1:04:48  One Mind Prowess (Pioneer): 2-3 league

1:10:45  Dragon Tempo (Pioneer): 6-4 leagues

1:18:30  Sprite Phoenix (Pioneer): 7-3 leagues



Brew Session: Conspicuous Snoop


1:30:12  A History of Goblins

1:33:20  Bushwhacker Aggro

1:37:13  Post-MH1 Midrange Goblins

1:40:40  Grumgully Combo Goblins


1:47:06  Sketch 1: “Classic” Snoop Combo (Modern)

1:52:35  Sketch 2: Snoopy Double Combo (Modern)

1:58:33  Sketch 3: Snoopwhacker Aggro (Pioneer)



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