Deadly Dispute: If We Could Rebalance Modern

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Season 12, Episode 25: Roundup (B&R Day) + Brew Session (Deadly Dispute)

The January 25 Banned and Restricted update came and went with no changes to Modern or Pioneer. Lurrus fans rejoice; your cat purrs another day! Instead, the state of Modern was briefly addressed by Aaron Forsythe via Twitter.

Despite the lack of action, changes to Legacy, Standard, and Alchemy have us pondering the future of Modern and Pioneer. Should Modern have format-defining “untouchable” cards, similar to Brainstorm and Daze in Legacy? Would active “rebalancing,” such as the companion nerf or the Tibalt cascade rules update, improve our experience of nonrotating formats?

In sadder news, StarCityGames announced the discontinuation of all their strategy articles, bringing to an end a long era of top tier competitive content. What does this mean for organized play and the future of competitive Magic?

Finally, we close out Innistrad season with a few brews inspired by Deadly Dispute and new printings like Lier, Disciple of the Drowned, Diregraf Rebirth, Divide by Zero, Old Rutstein, Ill-Tempered Loner, Angelfire Ignition, and more.


[2:29] Housekeeping
Roundup: B&R Update
[4:25] Aaron Forsythe on the state of Modern
[7:06] Splinter Twin & Birthing Pod
[10:55] Should Modern have “untouchable” cards?
[15:28] Alchemy rebalancing
[25:34] Is rebalancing the future of Magic?
[29:40] Rebalancing Pioneer
[31:04] Rebalancing Modern
[36:23] The end of SCG competitive articles
[39:38] WotC and the end of organized play
Brew Session: Last Call for Innistrad
[46:49] David’s Sultai Diregraf Rites
[54:15] Sultai Nissa Lier Ramp by Harlan Firer
[59:32] Dimir Notion Thief Control by FunkiMunki
[1:02:38] David’s Dimir Stormcaller Dispute
[1:05:51] David’s Rakdos Blood Sacrifice
[1:09:47] David’s Jund Blood Herald
[1:13:57] David’s Boros Angelfire Reckoner
[1:20:00] Closing thoughts on Innistrad

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