Daily Brew: Omnath Ramp in Historic

Daily Brew: Omnath Ramp in Historic

Well I found a new home to publish my work with Faithless Brewing, and I am forever grateful to still be on this amazing journey of content creation. With that being said let’s dive right into something I have been working on in Historic: Omnath, Locus of Creation.

Historic Omnath by Jaren “jayw” White


4Lotus Cobra
3Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath
4Omnath, Locus of Creation
2Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
1Kenrith, the Returned King


1Ugin, the Spirit Dragon


2Felidar Retreat


1Shatterskull Smashing
4Escape to the Wilds
4Genesis Ultimatum


4Fabled Passage
3Hinterland Harbor
1Indatha Triome
4Ketria Triome
4Raugrin Triome
1Stomping Ground
3Temple Garden
1Zagoth Triome


2Redcap Melee
3Aether Gust
3Dovin’s Veto
3Mystical Dispute
1Settle the Wreckage
2Shark Typhoon

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Now look, we all know that the combination on Uro, Lotus Cobra, Omanth and Genesis ultimatum is pretty darn good. What happens when we bring that same combination of cards over to Historic, with better lands and some better Historic tech?

For starters, Explore is a huge gain, especially the way it reads when we compare it to the card Growth Spiral.

Golos is something I went back and forth on while playing the deck. Then I realized that the ability of playing cards for free and how fast we get to activate that ability isn’t as far fetched as I once thought. This list is designed for straight value and overwhelming your opponent even on complicated board states. 


Boarding for this deck in particular is very minimal, due to the fact that you have to keep a solid game plan. It is always open to interpretation based on what you are playing against. This is also my first Sideboard guide, so please bear with me a bit. 


Out: 1 Ugin, 4 Genesis Ultimatum, 1 Escape to the Wilds

In: 3 Aether Gust, 1 Settle the Wreckage, 2 Redcap Melee


Out: 2 Explore, 3 Uro, 1 Cultivate, 2 Genesis Ultimatum, 1 Kenrith, 1 Escape to the Wilds

In: 3 Aether Gust, 3 Dovin’s Veto, 2 Dispute, 2 Shark Typhoon

Jund Sac

Out: 2 Explore, 1 Cultivate, 1 Kenrith, 2 Genesis Ultimatum

In: 2 Aether Gust, 2 Dovin’s Veto, 2 Redcap Melee

In Closing

I firmly believe that there is something here with Omnath in Historic. Even if I am not the person to break the card for the format, someone else will. Enjoy the deck and let me know what you all think. As always be kind to yourselves and be better human beings. 

Jaren “jayw” White has been playing magic since Return to Ravinca and competitive Magic since Theros, with a host of qualifier finishes, store championships and Game Days. Jaren lives for competitive MTG. When he is not playing Magic locally, on Arena, or traveling, he is usually cooking for others and playing video games.

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