Daily Brew: Ninja Rogues in Modern

Daily Brew: Ninja Rogues in Modern

There are lots of different ways to pursue a Rogues strategy in Modern. You can go bigger and more controlling with Bitterblossom. You can eschew most of the creatures altogether and be more spells based with Mystic Sanctuary.

I love Ninjas, so I would start here:

Ninja Rogues by David Roberston


4Thieves’ Guild Enforcer
4Changeling Outcast
2Jace’s Phantasm
4Fatal Push
4Thought Scour
1Cling to Dust
1Surgical Extraction
1Spell Snare


4Drown in the Loch
4Soaring Thought-Thief
4Ingenious Infiltrator
1Snapcaster Mage


2Brazen Borrower
1Force of Negation


1Fallen Shinobi
1Zareth San, the Trickster


4Darkslick Shores
4Polluted Delta
4Scalding Tarn
3Watery Grave

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Thieves’ Guild Enforcer has an ETB ability that Ninjutsu lets us rebuy and the flash plays well with what the deck is trying to do.

Jace’s Phantasm is pretty speculative. It’s another 1 drop to turn on ninja, and possibly a late game beater; will need to keep an eye on how quickly it can be turned into a 5/5.

Changeling Outcast is both a cheap creature for Ninja-ing, and also a Ninja for triggering Infiltrator, and a Rogue for triggering Soaring Thought-Thief and Thieves’ Guild Enforcer.

The zillion dollar question is: How often will we be turning on our opponents graveyard? To that end, even though it’s a much worse card than Cling to Dust, do we need Surgical Extractions to get rid of all Kroxas, Uros, and Tron lands on sight, so their graveyard stays where it’s supposed to?

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