Conspiracy Town: The REAL Story Behind $1000 Boosters

Black Lotus MTG Art

Season 15, Episode 16: Weekly Roundup

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Thousand dollar booster packs?! Has Wizards of the Coast lost their minds? Perhaps so… or perhaps there’s something more sinister at play. Detective Cavedan is on the trail this week, seeking the real story behind Magic 30th Edition. His sleuthing takes him to a dangerous place: Conspiracy Town, population: me.

Meanwhile, David returns to weigh in on Phyrexian Dragon Engine and the early Brothers’ War previews, the B&R announcement, and the latest technology in Modern and Pioneer. Will Morde have his young heart broken? Will the culprits behind Companion finally be tarred and feathered? The truth is out there, for those with eyes to see it.

Decklists and Timestamps

[3:07] Housekeeping

[4:35] Brothers’ War Previews

[13:58] Magic 30th Edition

[19:37] Conspiracy Theory #1

[23:43] Conspiracy Theory #2

[33:51] B&R Called Shots

[45:23] Chronic Flooding by Milkk

[50:40] Jeskai Mentor by hogpog_98

[54:46] Dimir Phoenix by MTGMack

[57:42] Golgari Vehicles by sMann2.0

[1:00:42] Jeskai Mono White by mavignon

[1:03:53] Orvar, the All-Form

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