61. Confessions of a Smitten Ghoul

Faithless Brewing, Episode 61: Silversmote Ghoul


Life comes at you fast when you’re a 200-year-old vampire. One day, you’re a suave, brooding heartthrob, the envy of your high school. Your skin sparkles in sunlight, you play baseball during thunderstorms, and you just proposed to your girlfriend the day after her prom (that’s not weird at all, right?). Here’s hoping Bella says yes!


Then, one day, some Hero McJerkface sticks a silver dagger in your back, and suddenly you’re a Zombie Vampire. You’re now 200% undead, your hair starts to fall out, and when you look in the mirror… yikes. Such is the life of a silver-smitten ghoul. Tough break, Edward!


Nobody asked for a Twilight meets World War Z crossover, and to be honest nobody asked for Silversmote Ghoul either. But it’s here, and it’s free, so we should probably take a very close look. The new Prized Amalgam has a unique trigger condition and has already made a splash in both Modern and Pioneer, thanks to the incidental lifegain tacked onto format staples like Creeping Chill and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got seven new Ghoul lists this week, plus more coming down the pipeline.


Also in this edition: a first look at M21 tournament finishes; our testing results with Conspicuous Snoop; and a difficult listener question about the future of Pioneer and Historic. Let’s dive in!


Roundup: First Results with M21


03:46  Conspicuous Snoop

04:38 Frantic Inventory


07:21 Stormwing Entity

Izzet Prowess (by Spiderspace, 5-0 league)

Temur Delver (by TubbyBatman, 5-0 league)


10:34 Chandra’s Incinerator

Mono-Red (by Cherryxman, 5-0 league)


14:46 Thieves Guild Enforcer

Grixis Vantress Delver (by RogerSteady, Top 8 Modern Challenge)


Fierce Empath

Amulet Titan (by Moniz0801, Top 16, Modern Challenge)


18:51 Sublime Epiphany

Simic Reclamation (by talos41, T16 Pioneer Challenge) 


23:00 Eliminate vs Heartless Act


25:41 Lofty Denial + Shacklegeist

UW Spirits (by Phil_Hellmuth, 5-0 league)


28:45 Selfless Savior

GW Devoted Druid (by Meanfannypack, 5-0 league)


30:20 Teferi, Master of Time

Modern Bant Snow (by McWinSauce, T16 Modern Challenge)

Pioneer Esper Control (by killersuv, T32 Pioneer Challenge)

Worldgorger Dragon Combo (by fire10798, Legacy Challenge Winner)


32:58 Silversmote Ghoul


33:36 Mailbag: The Future of Pioneer and Historic



Flashback: Conspicuous Snoop




55:40 “Classic” Snoop (by Sebastian Steuckl): 1-4 league

59:50 “Double Combo” Snoop: 3-2 league

1:03:06 5-Discard Snoop (by kanister, 5-0 league)



1:13:59 Snoopwhacker Aggro: 1-4 league

1:15:40 Snoopcleaver Aggro: 3-2 league



Brew Session: Silversmote Ghoul



1:25:54 Sketch 1: Mardu Helix (Modern)

1:32:16 Sketch 2: Sultai Ghoul Emerge (Pioneer)

1:35:53 Sketch 3: Sultai Dredge (Pioneer)

1:41:48 Sketch 4: Abzan Energy (Pioneer)

1:45:47 Sketch 5: Silversmote Vampires (Pioneer)

1:48:56 Sketch 6: Blood for Bones Reanimator (Pioneer)

1:51:48 Sketch 7: Jolrael Sultai (Pioneer)


Reference lists:

Silversmote Dredge (by Sodeq, T4 Modern Challenge)

Sultai Dredge Emerge (by AlexFiero, 5-0 League)

Sultai Dredge (by PigNorton, 5-0 League)

Sultai Reanimator (by illsicknasty, 12-3 Leagues)



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