Combat Thresher: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Combat Thresher MTG Art

Season 16, Episode 11: Brew Session (Combat Thresher) + Flashback (Third Path Iconoclast)

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All things are possible when you can draw a card on ETB. Combat Thresher looks unassuming, but it has the right skills for a host of different archetypes. For starters, it replaces itself immediately, and even encourages you to blink it or cheat it into play. The potential synergies are tremendous and the floor is always going to be a cantrip. That’s a good base line for playability in both Pioneer and Modern.

Today and Faithless Brewing David and Dan review six possible deck lists for Combat Thresher. From blinking it, to boosting it’s power, to bringing it back from the graveyard, there are many angles for this happy little war machine.

On the Flashback, the crew reviews their findings with Third Path Iconoclast. The card has a bright future in both Modern and Pioneer, but how far can we push the artifact token synergies? Tune in to find out!


[3:20] Houskeeping

[7:01] The future popularity of Pioneer

Brew Session: Combat Thresher

[15:37] Key questions

[22:52] Bant Teleportation Circle

[31:06] UW Tezzerator

[41:31] Orzhov Refurbish

[47:35] UW Charming Hatebears

[54:47] Mardu Transmogrant’s Crown

[1:03:25] Mono White Blink

Flashback: Third Path Iconoclast

[1:06:58] Izzet Third Path Galazeth

[1:18:27] Izzet Paradoxical Iconoclast

[1:21:43] Izzet Iconoclast by arbitraryarmor

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